The Chinese company Xiaomi a few years ago began producing smartphones line Mi Mix, the apparatus which was originally distinguished by edge-to-edge displays. Now, Xiaomi introduced the Mi unit Mix Alpha display which literally wrapped around the device body.

As writes The Verge, the screen of the smartphone takes up the entire front surface Mi Mix Alpha, its side faces and a large part of the rear surface except for a strip with a main camera module, which can also be used for shooting selfies – it’s enough to turn the smartphone in your hand. While the smartphone has previously submitted a 108-Megapixel camera moduledeveloped by Samsung in collaboration with Xiaomi. This sensor allows to obtain high-quality images in low-light conditions and supports proprietary Smart-ISO to automatically adjust ISO. Also, the smartphone is equipped with two additional modules from the main camera.

As for other features, the smartphone is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+, 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of main memory and battery capacity of 4050 mAh. Also, the device received the support of the 5G networks and fast charging. Other details about Mi Mix Alpha are not yet available.

The company describes new smartphone as a concept that will not be put into mass production. However, Xiaomi is planning small-scale production Mix Alpha. It is known that the device cost in China will amount to 20 thousand yuan (about 2.8 thousand dollars).