Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an advanced way for communication using internet services like DSL and broadband. The transfer of information is implemented via internet lines. Digital VoIP phone systems transfer data digitally through the digital system used by your computer.

Usually, there are three types of VoIP system. That is, residential, peer-to-peer and commercial systems. While you install a residential system, it gives you the freedom of using standard or analog phones and commercial system provides flexible and complex services required for businesses that operate on a large scale.

Benefits of VoIP communication

benefits of voip phone system

In fact, the fundamental advantage comes with the cost. While you install a VoIP system, you could expect immense cost savings. When compared to traditional communication means, VoIP offers cost reduction by transferring the information via computer to a telephone, be it a landline or a cell phone. The VoIP phone system works with the aid of the broadband cable connected to a high-speed internet, which allows you to start communication without any flaws, anytime, anywhere without costing you any money.

Using computer in VoIP communications provides many benefits. In fact, you can program the computer to place calls. More often than not, business houses dealing with telemarketing services rely on the VoIP systems. Furthermore, VoIP system is used by call centers dedicated for customer service for connecting with their customers.

Types of VoIP service

Residential VoIP system uses a hardware that is connected to the computer via a USB port. It provides for a telephone set jack as well. You can place calls by simple dialing and it will be received at the other end, no matter the connection is a landline or a cell phone.

Commercial VoIP Service is gaining popularity in business scenarios. A business can use a number of open source software for managing the multi phone VoIP phone systems. However, they need to pay the installation, equipment and consulting fees for the VoIP services. The major disadvantage is that since it uses internet lines, it is prone to hacking.

It should be noted that certain countries have already banned the use of VoIP systems. North Korea, and the UAE are a few countries that have chosen not to use the VoIP systems for telephone communication. Some others have banned the communication between VoIP to VoIP units. However, it is supported and implemented in the US, Australia, Canada and in European countries.

However, VoIP phone system eases the communication process in business that requires frequent communication over a long distance. Review your needs and then choose an appropriate VoIP connection.