Following Airtel and Jio’s footsteps, Vodafone Idea has introduced a new #RechargeforGood programme that enables a subscriber to earn commission for recharging other prepaid accounts. Vodafone Idea is offering up to 6 percent cashback on recharges done by an existing Vodafone or Idea customer for someone else. These recharges need to be performed using the MyVodafone or MyIdea apps. The 6 percent Vodafone cashback offer is more than Jio and Airtel’s 4.16 percent commission and 4 percent cashback on the similar schemes.

The Vodafone Idea offer comes as retailers and company shops are closed due to the the coronavirus lockdowns, leaving many subscribers in lurch who don’t necessarily use online modes for their telecom needs. This Vodafone Idea cashback and similar commission from other operators will entice regular users to help their friends, family, neighbours, and people in these tough times.

Vodafone is promoting the #RechargeforGood programme using a banner in the MyVodafone app. The subscribers of the telecom operator do not have to register separately or install another app to earn this cashback. They just have to do the recharge, and the cashback amount will be credited to the user account within 96 hours.

Vodafone says that it is offering Rs. 10 cashback on the popular Rs. 149 recharge, and Rs. 20 on the Rs. 249 recharge. The cashback varies based on the recharge value, and up to 6 percent cashback is offered by Vodafone. One important thing to note is that the user will have to recharge using the MyVodafone and MyIdea apps only, and recharging from anywhere else will not earn them any cashback. Vodafone notes that this offer is live only till April 30.

This comes after Airtel introduced the ‘Earn From Home’ plan, wherein an Airtel subscriber has to register to become a Superhero, and then subsequent recharge other people’s prepaid accounts else will earn them a cashback. Airtel offers an outright cut in recharge amount, wherein the Superhero will have to pay less for the recharge at checkout, and collect the full amount from the customer. The difference is their earnings from this. So, if the recharge done is of Rs. 149, the Airtel Superhero member will only have to pay Rs. 143 to Airtel, while collect the full amount from the customer.

Jio subscribers will have to download a separate JioPOS Lite app, register as a Jio Partner, and fill their wallet with some money to start earning. The app can be downloaded for free for Android from Google Play Store. There is no iOS version right now.