Are you a Medicare Part A provider, a Federally Qualified Health Center, a Home Health or Hospice provider, or a Medicare part B provider who bills Medicare claims to National Government Services for Jurisdiction 6 or Jurisdiction K? Did you know you that you can get information specific to your patients and general information outside of normal business hours, and without speaking to a representative by calling the National Government Services Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system? The IVR is maintained on a separate line from our customer care representatives and is available beyond the normal contact center hours.

As a result, you have greater access to the information you need, when you need it and at a time that works for you. There are a few things you can do to make using the IVR easier. Remember to speak naturally and use the mute button when you are not speaking. Try using touch-tone if an element is not recognized by your voice. You cannot combine speech and touch-tone when providing a single element. For example, you cannot speak the numbers in a patient’s Medicare number and then enter the suffix via touch-tone. However, you can switch between speech and touch-tone throughout the call. There is no need to wait for a prompt to try touch-tone; it is available throughout the IVR. Once the CMS required authentication elements have been verified, you can obtain answers to numerous inquiries through this self-service option. If you select Option 1 in the IVR, you can obtain Eligibility information including: Part A and Part B effective and termination dates, Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) type, insurer name, effective and termination dates Medicare Advantage Plan number, name, address, telephone number, effective and termination dates Eligibility information is not available if the date of service is greater than one year from the date you are calling the IVR.

In addition, eligibility information is not available for terminated providers. If you select Option 2, the IVR will offer you the option of receiving information about pending, approved to pay and finalized claim count information. You can also receive claim-specific status information. The IVR also provides Appeal status when you select Option 7, General information when you select Option 8 and much more. If you are interested in learning more about what the IVR has to offer, visit the web site, and click the Use the IVR System tab in the middle of the homepage. The next time you have an opportunity, we encourage you to take advantage of the benefits of the IVR.

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