Tata Sky Broadband plans come in two varieties – Fixed GB plans and Unlimited plans. The Fixed GB plans, as the name suggests, offer a cap on data that varies with the package you subscribe. Until today, the unlimited broadband plans came with no cap on data or speed. However, the company seems to have changed its fine print, and has now started to throttle speed after the cap of 1500GB of data. This fine print can be spotted on the company website, and Tata Sky Broadband will take the Internet speed down to 2Mbps post the 1500GB cap.

The operator has changed the terms and conditions on its site for Unlimited plans. The company website has now added a new condition for Unlimited plans that reads, “For Unlimited Data plans, speed will reduce to 2Mbps after 1500GB data consumption.” This condition wasn’t mentioned before for unlimited plans.

Tata Sky Broadband Unlimited plans are offered with monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and annual validity. The price of these plans start from Rs. 900. The Internet speeds offered via these plans range from 25Mbps to 100Mbps. Currently, Tata Sky Broadband is offering 15 percent discount on its annual plans, and 10 percent discount on its half-yearly plans.

The change in fair usage policy (FUP) was spotted by OnlyTech first.

A recent report suggests that Tata Sky Broadband is planning to offer its subscribers landline service with unlimited voice calling soon. This will be offered to Unlimited Plan subscribers only.