How to setup a VOIP phone – In just two steps!


Hey everybody, how are you guys doing? My name is Sebastian, and in this video I’m going to show you how you can set up an ip-based phone system, for your startup, in just two steps! This is ridiculous! And for demonstration purposes I’m going to use this very affordable IP phone from Yealink, as well as really cool new company that I found online, so let’s have a closer look. But first before I start, let me tell you why I like these IP phone systems so much, first thing I love so much about it, i can get a phone number in every country whenever I need it, and then I can have these calls routed anywhere I want to. So this is the first thing, why I love this so much, second let’s say someone calls the Miami office while I’m in, maybe on a business trip in Germany, if someone calls the Miami number that call can be rerouted instantaneously to my cell phone while I’m waiting in the airport in Germany and third think about how powerful it is to have an automated voice system where people can call in on your numbers that you have globally and you can have a call routing any way you want to and you can setup, set it up really flexible just in the back end, this is really terrific! Now that I’ve shown you why i love the IP phone so much let’s quickly go through the two steps together, first i’m going to show you how you can create a free Sonetel account and second i’m going to show you how you can quickly configure a Yealink IP phone, that’s kinda like enterprise-grade but still very very affordable maybe just around sixty seventy dollars so let’s jump right in and I show you how to create a free account for your IP phone.


And keep in mind that phones like these supports several lines you can easily use it for other providers as well, now I really went online and did some searching for you guys so check this out what I found, I found a company that specifically tailored for entrepreneurs and maybe small business owners and they offer you to sign up for free! How insane is that? How insane is that? And you can get a phone number, if you want to, for as low as eighty-nine cents i mean like this ridiculous and it’s exactly what I did so I’m just going to sign in and i’m going to show you the back end, and I show you the example set up that I just did so you basically just go to sign in, of course you have to set up the free account first, but once you have done that, you just sign into your account, and this will take you to the back end, where you can configure everything, like you can set up a phone number and link it to a user, you can set different users with different extensions and every user you can configure, you can add multiple phones to user, and then it routes it accordingly, for example what I did in my case I’d registered a number in the US and if people call my US number i can have that call rerouted to my cell phone in Germany, or i can have it rerouted to my IP phone, and guys since it is an IP phone, like it’s only needs the internet connection that phone could be located anywhere I wanted to! Heck, I could take this IP phone with me when i travel and just plug it into the internet and the phone is online, like who ridiculous is that? So to summarize you can connect multiple phones to a number and these phones can be located in different locations it could be cellphones, it could be a landline it could be an IP phone, a hard desk phone or a soft phone something that it could be even an app on your iPhone I mean the opportunities like what you can come up with literally endless so don’t be fooled by this simple looking interface and another amazing feature is what they called voice apps where you can configure like for example the main menu and you can configure this main menu anyway you want you can even hire a voiceover artist to do the menu for you I mean like this is really awesome, so let’s jump to the phone and I show you this voice menu, so let me quickly show you, how you can access this voice menu anytime, you just push star 21 and then it will dial welcome if you know the extension of the person you would like to speak to you can enter it now for sales press one for information about our operating hours press two for all other inquiries press three for stay on the line, now check this out, i can program this menu anyway I want to! We are open monday through friday between 9am and 6pm if you know the extension of the person you like…


But you can also do crazy stuff like this for example, what you could do you could just change the language of the menu to chinese, so let’s check this out real quick! Now let’s check this out once more but now with the Chinese menu, again I push star 21 Chinese… Chinese… Chinese… Chinese… And now i can have the phone call me, i just press extension 101 Chinese… And yeah it shows me the incoming call here so that’s it, end the call, but I could have also had routed to my cell phone depending on how it is set, depending on how i have it set up, so this is really amazing, and yeah you can still see this is the missed call from my US number so yeah terrific, now this really goes to show that these phone systems are incredibly flexible so i encourage you to head over to and click the services section, so you can learn more about the details of what you can do with a service like that and I mean it doesn’t have to be the same provider.


I just wanted to illustrate the point here look at these features they offer and yeah like another example for example let’s say you have some someone from your company located in Germany and you want to make a call in the U.S. so the guy in Germany just has an IP phone on his desk and you can just call over to us wait a second to maybe a friend who works at the coworking space somewhere in downtown Jacksonville so check it out guys this is kind of really crazy, and the IP phone systems make it possible I mean you can come up with your own examples like just imagine it and don’t be fooled by this simple interface in the back end, and to set up the IP phone just head over to the help section and go to help topics and look under SIP and then what SIP phones can i connect and bang you will find a list of possible options to how you can connect to their service and i’m using this Yealink phone, and bang a complete tutorial, you just, you just enter it in, here are the config details and it’s literaly that simple, you just log into your phone, your phone has a browser interface and you just put in the data into the browser interface, the way to tell you to and you click confirm and you’re logged into service I mean it couldn’t be easier right? So this concludes my presentation if you have any questions let me know in the comments below and I’ll try to get back to you as fast as I can and yeah if you still need a website for your business make sure to watch my website tutorial as well and i hope you have an awesome terrific day and I hope your startup is going to do extremely well and finally two rounds off and get you excited why don’t you head over to their YouTube page I mean they don’t have that many subscribers and but check out this video that’s called “be a global entrepreneur” that’s a really great video the marketing company that made that video I would hire that marketing company right away and with that I hope you have a great day and like i said if you still need a website for your startup make sure to check out my website building tutorial or download the free eBook as well!


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Getting Started with Twilio

Getting Started with Twilio

Twilio makes it easy to build apps that communicate with everyone in the world with our APIs and SDKs. Let’s see how it works by getting a free API key. First I’ll punch in my name, company, and an email address as well as choosing a password. Next Twilio will ask me which product I want to try first. Since we’re just playing around for now I will pick “I’m just exploring”. We’re going to take a look at SMS and Voice though. We don’t really have a project in mind so I’m not going to pick a use case from this drop down. If you do have a use case pick it there so that Twilio can help you get started. Next I need to punch in a phone number to verify with Twilio. It’s going to send me an SMS with a verification code. Punch in the 3228 and then the 2 words that appear in the reCAPTCHA and we can get started. This drops us into the Console where there’s a quick tour of functionality. This is showing how to get to the list of products.

We’ll click on that and we can pin some products that we’re going to work with. In this screencast we’ll work with Voice, SMS, and Phone Numbers so I’ll pin those now. This prompt points out the Developer Center which we can use later for debugging and then we’re dropped back into the Console Dashboard. The first thing we’re going to do in this screencast is take a look at Programmable SMS.

Clicking on that we’ll see that there’s a Get Started button that we can use to build our first application. Click to get our first Twilio number. If you like this one you can keep it but there’s also a link here to search for another number. Since I’m in Philadelphia I’ll punch in 215 to look for 215 numbers in my area. I get a list of numbers that I can pick that all have Voice, SMS, and MMS capability. I can also search here for a word so I’ll look for “video” at the end of the number. Searching for that we’ll see a bunch of numbers in a variety of areas that end in “video”. You’ll also see from this dropdown that Twilio supports numbers in a lot of countries. We’ll pick the first number that ends in video. That’s a number in Newton, MA. We’ll choose that number and just like that we have our first Twilio phone number to work with. Now that we have a Twilio phone number, we can use it to send an SMS to our cellphone.

So you’re only going to be able to do this with phone numbers you’ve verified with Twilio but that’ll work against your cellphone that you just verified. We can punch in the Body of the text message that we want to send to our cellphone. I’ll say “Helo from Twilio on YouTube!” and then we can take a look at what the request code looks like. So here’s what it would look like in curl. It’s just a request to to the Messages resource inside of our account. We can see what it looks like in Ruby, PHP, Python, Node, Java, and C# if you’re using one of our helper libraries.

When we make the request it’s going to send a message to my cellphone. When we open it up it says “Hello from Twilio on YouTube!” Next let’s take a look at how inbound Twilio SMS works. So if someone sends a message to your Twilio phone number, Twilio makes an HTTP request to your application and your application returns Twilio some instructions in the form of TwiML, which is Twilio’s Markup Language. Twilio executes those instructions and responds with an outbound SMS. Let’s take a look at what TwiML looks like. So we have a Response tag that has a Message tag that says “Hello from Twilio!” When we run that and send “Hi!” back to our Twilio phone number, we get a response that says “Hello from Twilio. There are some other “Getting Started” guides that you can find in SMS. We have one for Building Appointment Reminders but for now we’re going to jump to Twilio’s Programmable Voice to see how that works.

We’ll click “Get Started” like we did for SMS and we’ll be dropped into another guide that goes step-by-step through the process Since we already have a Twilio phone number we don’t need to create another. We’ll use the one we already have. I’ve modified the response to <Say> “Hello from Twilio on YouTube”. when the call is placed. Let’s see what that sounds like. Phone: You have a trial account. You can remove this message at any time by upgrading to a full account. Press any key to execute your code. Phone: Hello from Twilio on YouTube Awesome, so Twilio was able to make a call to our cellphone.

What happens when we call Twilio? This is going to function very similar to the way SMS did. Call comes into the number, Twilio makes an HTTP request to the application, application responds with TwiML and Twilio executes the instructions with an automated message. In this case we’re going to say “Hello from Twilio! You’re ready to build voice apps.” because we definitely are at this point. So we’ll add that to the TwiML. We’ll click Save and then it’s going to prompt us to make a call from our cellphone so let’s do that. Let’s get the phone out and dial 6-1-7 6-5-8 4-3-3-6 and call Twilio back.

Phone: You have a trial account. You can remove this message at any time by upgrading to a full account. Press any key to execute your code. Phone: Hello from Twilio! You’re ready to build voice apps now. Thanks robot voice for the affirmation. Yes we did receive the call so we’ll click “Yes”. There are a few more getting started guides in here. There’s one for call tracking and there’s one for IVRs but that’s all we’re going to go through in this screencast for Programmable Voice. I did want to point out one more tool in here that you might want to check out next inside fo the Developer Center. That’s the API Explorer where you can make sample requests and see how to do other things in Twilio.

Leave a comment down below to let me know what you want me to build a screencast for next. That’s gonna do it for this video. If you enjoyed this That’s going to do it for this video. We have a lot more videos coming from Twilio. Please click Subscribe so you know when they come out and check out some of these other videos to learn more about how Twilio works. Until next time, I’m outta here. ♪♪♪.

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