All good drones modern – controllability, flight stability, payload… but the reserve have drones with electric drive still not enough. In the best case, in the air it can hold about 30-40 minutes. Individual instances have reinforced the battery, but gain 10/15 minutes does not solve the problem.


This limitation, of course, somewhat Mars the experience of shooting with the drone. Especially if we are in unfamiliar terrain, and to fly around the sights you have with feeling, really, slowly. But we fans can be patient. In the extreme case it is possible to acquire an additional set of batteries (even a few sets).

But what if the drone is required for scientific research or, for example, for examination of equipment – long transmission lines? Comes to the aid of old-fashioned source of the driving force of the internal combustion engine.

Manufacturers have long realized that despite the technological complexity and relative high cost of a drone engine (prices in the order of Lada Priora in the base set) – these glands will still be in demand by professionals, because the cost of this drone and its fuel are not comparable smaller than a helicopter, with the same conditional value.

By the way, these drones produce we have. Google, for example, a hybrid drone R7.