A cordless phone is a phone system that makes use of radio frequencies for enabling cordless telephone communication. The headset of the phone system will be unattached from the base and will be able to make and receive calls within a short distance without any cords attached. However, for getting high clarity phone calls, you must have really good cordless phones and this is where the Panasonic phone systems come into view.

If you are looking for a perfect cordless phone that can reach every nook and corner of your property, Panasonic Kx-Tg6444t phone system is your answer.

Here we discuss some of the properties of the phone system that makes it the best in the industry.

Learn importance of phone system for your business


The Panasonic phone systems, especially the Kx series, are well known for their expandable feature. You will be able to add new handsets to the phone system as and when the requirement arises, as it is expandable. Initially the phone system is available with two handsets; however, you can increase the number of handsets according to your needs. However, the maximum number of handsets is limited to six per household.

Has a Built In Digital Answering Machine

One of the best features of the Panasonic phone systems is that it has a built in digital answering machine. Imagine you are out of town and an important business call arrives at your home, if there is no one to take that call for you, you might be losing some important message. This is rectified by the presence of the inbuilt answering machine in the Panasonic

High Wireless Range

The cordless phones from Panasonic are more than enough for all ordinary homes as they cover up to 200 feet radius. However, if you are living in a castle or a mansion, you might not feel much better with this phone system. The phone system also offers network outside home so that you will be able to relax sitting in your garden and will also be able to make a phone call to a friend or relative while relaxing.

Overall, the phone systems from Panasonic are a great choice if you are thinking about upgrading your phone system.