The KX-TA824 is known for its state of the art features like quality performance, easy installation and many more functions. In fact, with its unique features, it is considered suitable for both residential as well as business purposes.

The old Panasonic phone systems have been replaced with the new KX-TA824 model after incorporating a number of changes. The new edition allows easy installation, enhanced features with improved capacity.

KX-TA824 is a hybrid design that helps you connect Panasonic proprietary telephones and single line phone via the phone jack without using a special hardware. In fact, it is the first phone system form Panasonic that offered different voice mail options. It is possible for you to use the company voice mail where each of the outside line features a voice mailbox. When you have messages waiting, it informs when to access the line. All you need to do is to pay nominal charges for each phone line. Usually it will not exceed $10.

In case, if you need mailboxes for each of the individuals instead of telephone lines, it is better to use inbuilt voicemail card. It is designed to provide a personal mailbox and ensures at least a recording time of one hour.

The inbuilt voicemail does not facilitate vocal user prompts. However, it is integrated with the 824 series and hence information will be displayed on the screen.

In case you need to incorporate additional function, voice-processing system might be a good option. In fact, it is incorporated with advanced features. It has more mailboxes with greater recording time. If cost is a major concern, it is better to switch to voice processing system.

The Panasonic Hybrid version could connect with proprietary telephones and analog telephones. You can implement fax by attaching a fax machine in any of the Hybrid lines. KX-TA824 from Panasonic is set to answer phone calls and route the calls round the clock.

You can place intercom calls, assign phone lines in each of the business phone and call forwarding to outside destinations. It features three level auto attendant to facilitate communication with people. The Panasonic 824 model is offered with a paper manual and it lets you know the capabilities of the phone system.

Panasonic phone systems are best choice for business as well as home needs, no matter your area of operation or your home location.