The developers of Telegram messenger posted in open access a test version of its blockchain Telegram Open Network (TON). Links to the archive with the code of the blockchain and the repository on Github, where is the updated code has been posted on the website

The published files contain information for developers to install a test version of the blockchain, including a full node (node blockchain network) and the validator (member of the network that confirms transactions in the blockchain). The page also posted instructions for installing node and converting it into the validator. In addition, the developers have published a TON of documentation, including a description of the blockchain and its elements and programming language Fift to create smart contracts on the blockchain TON, the newspaper “Vedomosti”. All of these documents bears the signature of Nikolai Durov, co-founder of Telegram and brother of Pavel Durov.

As noted by TJ, the developers first posted the files for public access. This spring, they held a closed testing platform – then partner Qiwi Konstantin Koltsov said that it makes no sense to evaluate the health of the blockchain for private testing. He explained that after the appearance of free code node and validator can assess the potential transaction rate, the ability of the system to scale and the reliability of the confirmation of blocks in the blockchain.

Recall the Telegram plans to launch its own blockchain-TON platform and cryptocurrency Gram became known in early January 2018. New cryptocurrency enables users to make payments within messenger, and beyond. It is expected that the launch of cryptocurrency will allow Telegram to gain independence from governments and banks. In addition, users of messenger will be able to pay a fee for international transfers, and encryption will give the opportunity to more freely dispose of the money.

In February last year, the messenger reported to the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) on raising $ 850 million from 81 investors in the first round ICO. This placement became the largest in history, significantly breaking the previous record of $ 232 million. In late March, the Telegram reported to attract an additional $ 850 million.

In a typical contract between the Telegram Group Inc. and investor separately, it was notedthat the token buyer may not use them to violate the sanctions regime or money laundering and the financing of terrorism. This was also stated in the Appendix to the contract, describing the risks of the investment, sale and use of tokens Gram.

The launch of blockchain-TON platform and cryptocurrency Gram was repeatedly postponed. So, in January it was reportedthat this will occur in March 2019. At the end of August in a Telegram promised the investors to run a blockchain-based platform TON and produce its own cryptocurrency Gram until 31 October, or return invested in the project money if it will not happen.