One social network after another to begin the introduction of such innovations incomprehensible to me, as hiding the number of likes/dislikes and the number of video views to users.


In fact, likes and dislikes, statistics and any other indicators of user activity are now beginning to once again become a tool hidden. Why is this happening?

First, in the West, now there’s a new fashion in the definition of uncomfortable topics. There was such a thing as “toxicity”. Ie, these are topics that are inappropriate or offensive to certain social groups. So, in order not to aggravate the situation, the lack of likes does not assess the degree of public approval is unacceptable (or Vice versa – disapproval primlemaya) themes that definitely softens this inner social tensions. (but not sure)

Secondly, as explains his decision on Twitter, in adolescents (and not only) the desire to obtain the approval of their peers turns into some form of addiction from the social network and a sense of dissatisfaction due to lack of approval in the form of the most likes. Occurs competitive effect. This is very similar to the truth.

Thirdly, as we all know, likes, and views, as with everything else, perfectly screwed with the help of special technologies. Even despite the fact that the technology of cheating computed by algorithms, rating systems, social networks, user can be easily misled by “usefulness” and “usefulness” of this information, even if he did happen to find on the margins of the network. Still, subconsciously we trust “crowd” of public approval as we would not want to pretend otherwise.

Fourth, it follows from the third, but is a separate paragraph is stranded political context, not true.

The idea can be developed for another ten spins of the screen, but, perhaps, is that these 4 arguments enough.