The mayor’s office intends to organize in the capital of total control over citizens by installing hundreds of thousands of surveillance cameras. In the case of the project, the video surveillance system in the capital of Russia will be the largest in the world after China.

The Department of information technology of Moscow (DIT) has signed a contract with the company “Sitroniks” on the organization of video surveillance with face recognition at mass rallies. As reported by “Vedomosti” with reference to Deputy head of the Department Alexander Gorbatko, the amount of the contract amounted to 260 million rubles.

IT-integrator SITRONICS owned Sistema billionaire Vladimir Yevtushenkov, which is located in a wonderful relationship with the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. Sobyanin said earlier that the founder and owner of AFK “Sistema” is the closest to it entrepreneur. Businessman and bureaucrat long hunt together.

As stated in the materials procurement, the video surveillance system will work on major capital activities, including socio-political, i.e., rallies, protests, elections, etc. If previously, such surveillance was carried out only in special cases, for example during celebrating of the city Day or Victory Day, but now it will be possible to permanently. It is particularly important that the system will be implemented face detection technology.

SITRONICS will install and test the camera, to provide law enforcement broadcast them in real time and to provide unloading of the footage. The interior Ministry said that cameras, the current city video surveillance systems have long been used during mass events, rallies and for solving crimes. But now the study is organised chaotically and video streams is not always possible to broadcast online. And if you set the face detection to the already existing camera in town, it will be too difficult to recognize people – too much crowd and too far away to allocate enough high-quality portraits. For effective operation of the system and need a new camera, for example, in the framework of metal detectors at the entrances and exits.

The mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin in may promised to conduct a large-scale tender for the installation in Moscow of up to 200,000 cameras with facial recognition. But while the competition was not announced. This fall, the CIO also intends to complete the testing in Moscow of augmented reality glasses with face recognition function, after which it is scheduled to begin their active usage in areas with large concentrations of people.

Meanwhile, experts believe that total surveillance with facial recognition violates the rights of citizens.

Hall explains the need for the introduction of concern for the safety and the very the same decision sets out how and when you can use images of people. However, Federal law does not regulate the use of the system of recognition of persons, and to analyze a photo of a man without his consent is illegal, says leading lawyer “Roskomsnab” Sarkis Darbinyan.

According to the lawyer of the International human rights organization “Agora” Stanislav Seleznev, the state has the right to use the image of a person without his consent according to the law on defence, security and counter-terrorism. But under these exceptions, in his opinion, you can sum a lot. It is possible that all of the protesters involved in the protests, will be generated in a database that authorities can use to identify dissent and further application of reprisals against them.