A virtual phone system, commonly known as a hosted phone system, is a phone service that offers you all the features of a regular office based telephone system that provides you with call forwarding, call waiting and call transferring capabilities.

You will also have the ability to divert your incoming calls to specific lines. However, a virtual system also has some advanced features that are not included in regular office based PBX systems like call recording, call queuing and IVR Menu systems. It is better for you to buy virtual phone systems by paying a small monthly fee as rent to the company providing the phone system rather than buying a PBX system that costs a fortune.

It is pretty easy to setup virtual systems if the number of users increases and it is theoretically possible to add unlimited number of extensions to the phone system. If you are having a normal phone system, you will need to have more than enough phone lines for handling the number of calls you are to receive, while in case if you have a virtual phone system, you just need little number of lines for managing the same amount of calls.

So never will you have a call missed from a prospective customer or a customer who needs support for fixing some issues. With a virtual phone system installed in your company, no customers will ever hear an engaged tone on your phone and so they do not need to hang up and call later. This is possible mainly due to the technology that virtual telephone systems make use of- the VoIP technology. With the call queuing facility in the virtual PBX system, you will be able to answer and process unlimited number of calls within a minor time frame.

Since Virtual PBX systems have unlimited resources at their network, the quality of the call is always supreme and no user hears an engaged tone while calling you so that there is no need to worry about any issues to occur while having a large call volume. The system will serve you on your needs and will automatically increase the queuing size and number of lines you need for answering the calls without any request from you officially.

This is one of the important characteristics of the phone system, as no time needs to be spent on documentation and request presentation for availing extra lines.