Designed for small and medium-sized companies Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX is a reliable business phone system enabling easy communication and streamlined management Deployed in your local network S-Series PBX works by routing calls through the Internet You can use IP phones and SIP trunks directly connect analog phones and fax machines as well as PSTN and GSM trunks by simply plugging in different modules The unique modular design provides greater flexibility to customize and expand your phone systems In daily operation S-Series PBX’s feature set is fully capable of addressing communication needs and improving efficiency Call forwarding, ring group, IVR, hot standby and a bunch of other features are all available without license fee and accessible across multiple devices thanks to Linkus UC Softphone Linkus transforms cell phones and desktops into office extensions and introduces IM, presence and CRM integration to assist team collaboration You can even unlock more capabilities via integration We have comprehensive solutions to integrate CRM, CTI, PMS and call center as well as API and AMI for more custom integration S-Series PBX is not only user friendly but also easy to manage through the intuitive web GUI For example, IT admin can provision IP phones in bulk to save time and effort leverage firewalls, IP blacklist and other security measures to safeguard the system What about having several PBXs resided in different locations? The Remote Management tool helps you retain complete control S-Series PBX is suitable for SMBs of different sizes from just a handful of employees to even hundreds and also works well in various verticals including hospitality, education, healthcare, transportation, and more To find out more about Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX check the link in the description or visit