Continue to talk with the team of developers action MMO Pixel Wars from the company DatCroft Games. This time, representatives of the Department of game design Roman Davydov and Catherine Sterlikova tell you how to create a new character class, the Druid, why it happened that way and why it is unique for the project.

What classes are already in the game?

Project Pixel Wars began with four basic character classes. The developers were inspired from a classic fantasy RPG, and, of course, the top three available characters consisted of Warrior, Mage and Archer. The fourth was a universal favorite Canonica — only at launch girl games that brings a game drive and a little style to steampunk.

The fifth said the Shaman in a basic set of characters was free the position of the buffer, which could heal allies and weaken enemies. Shaman are one with nature, he puts on the battlefield, totems, charged with the power of ancient spirits.


What class will be next?

Sixth grade is the Druid now at the final stage of development and in the foreseeable future will appear in the game. The main feature of the Druid reincarnation. In the guise of a fragile girl Druid healing allies, and becoming a huge bear, crushes enemies.

With the selection of a new class of all simple. A new character needs to be unique both visually and gameplay, but at the same time harmoniously integrated into the team tactics and game balance in General. For example, by the time the druid in the game there are only one mile class that deals high damage in melee (Warrior). So the Druid in the form of a wild animal, too, will be a formidable opponent in melee. The game has only one girl character? So, we need to add one more.

It is important to note that with the advent of the Druid team is starting to practice a completely new approach to the visual style. If earlier the characters were similar to each other in proportions and size, starting with the Druid, the situation will change radically. Soon there will be new models for “old” classes: warrior will be greater and more powerful than all the nerd-MAG will be lower and slimmer, and even on the mobile screen it would be impossible to confuse.


Collect references

To understand how will look the Druid in the Pixel Wars, game designers study examples of similar classes in other games and in mass culture in General that the image was special, but at the same time recognizable. Collecting references, the designer highlights the similarities and note the unusual options. For a Druid character who interacts with nature and is associated with her — he collected several subgroups of images.

The child and protector

Nita, Brawl Stars

Nunu&Willump, Legue of Legends

Ashling, Gigantic

Adult and assistant

Poloma, Battlerite

The Heathen “Rage Online”

Recognizable images

Princess Mononoke

Lyra Belaqua, “the Golden compass”

Avatar and ARRA

“My neighbor Totoro”


Sometimes ideas come from unexpected sources: considering the images of women warriors, the developers considered Xena-the warrior Princess, and the way these investigations partly inspired by may from Overwatch.



When designing a new class, you must understand how it interacts with all the existing characters. Of course, the players themselves will make a choice, but we put some strategies in the beginning. While classes are not very many, it turns out this kind of table:

From here follow the purpose of the new class — trying to get them, the player druid will bring victory to his team.


What you need to be able to the player?

So, what is a good druid in the Pixel Wars? What skills should the player who chooses this character?


Abilities and skills

The next stage of development — the creation of abilities and skills, which most fully reveal the new class. In addition, it is very important to write these skills in the lore and style of the game and think about the visual component — even on a small smartphone screen, the player needs to clearly distinguish between characters and to understand which of them to attack. So the team immediately and prescribe the mechanics, and animating skills.

The developers decided that Druid was born in the North of the Empire Faces, so the character got ice magic. By the way, some of the ice effects were originally attributed to the Shaman. To separate these classes visually and in meaning, the whole “ice” goes to the druid, the Shaman remains of plants and “tropical” flavor.

Set of skills at the start of the class looks like this:


  • The inner beast. The character for a few seconds turns into a bear, finding in this form consumes mana. As soon as the mana ends, the druid turns into a man; of the bear shape, you can go ahead.
  • Protective sphere. The druid causes a phantom that heals himself or an ally for 5 seconds.
  • Totem animal. The druid causes the phantom-bird, which greatly enhances the druid or his allies.
  • The ice armor. The druid creates around himself or ally aura, increasing the armor.
  • The exit from the body. The druid becomes a phantom-a Ghost, invulnerable to attacks for 5 seconds. You cannot damage the enemies and use skills.

The druid in the Pixel Wars is somewhat different from other classes — he has a special, additional set of skills that is applied when the character takes the form of an animal.


  • A violent jerk. A powerful blow with two hands.
  • Tremors. The bear rises on his hind legs and strikes with front paws on the ground, dealing 35% of AP damage to enemies in a radius of 1 m.
  • The furious roar. The bear growls at the enemy in front of him, dealing that damage.


What happened in the end

The druid, like the Shaman, is a natural class. In adolescence children leave the druids alone on Bear island to worship the animal-the patron Saint and to obtain the ability to morph into a beast.
Druid — a ranged character, not the tenacious, but may become a solid malesnica.
Key class feature — switching between forms (forms), in which the character has different abilities and styles of attack.
The image of girls — a weak unit with a weak ranged attack and a point support (frail). Her weapon is a ritual drum and a short rod.
The shape is given at the time, he can’t be a full tank, so it performs rather the role of a bruiser — has a high standard of health, protection and good damage, wedged in a line of the enemy’s defense (with tanks) and tore it, but then it goes back to recovery. Form of a bear tied to a scale mana of the hero.

Thus, a Druid — a class that combines the two roles. If you like to fight in melee, but at the same time track the status of your team and are ready to help at any time, the Druid is just for you. And the character model from drueke very nice.

The developers hope that the new class will appeal to players, and look forward to the appearance of the druids on the battlefield Pixel Wars MMO. Meanwhile, the team is on the way for the next character.