Google will pay to the French authorities in the total of about one billion euros in the case of fraud.

The investigation against Google began four years ago, when the French investigators suspected the company of concealing part of their income and tax evasion.

The investigators noted that Google paid enough taxes in most European countries, thanks to a loophole in international tax law. The company could spend the bulk of sales through Ireland, where Google is headquartered, according to Reuters.

France wants to introduce a special tax for Google

“On September 12, 2019, the Chairman of the Supreme court of Paris approved the agreement between the financial Prosecutor of the Republic and the Google and Google Ireland Ltd, which concerns the case about evasion from payment of taxes, – stated in the message of the French financial Prosecutor’s office. According to the agreement Google Ireland Ltd and Google agree to pay a fine in the amount of 500 million euros.”

Another 465 million euros as Google will pay not previously paid taxes. According to the lawyer of the American company Antonin levy, this will allow you to resolve a fraud case.

The investigation against Google in France was opened in 2015 in connection with the complaint of Regional office of public Finance of the capital region Ile-de-France, which concerned the waiver of filing a tax return in 2011-2014.

Previously the attorney General of Texas Ken Paxton announced the beginning of the antitrust investigation against Google in 48 States. Investigation, he explained the dominant position of Google in the advertising market and the personal data of users.