Russian anthropomorphic robot Fedor (Skybot F-850), returning to Earth on September 7, after the bad days aboard the International space station (ISS), more isn’t going anywhere, but its location in space will not last long vacant.

2020 year in Russia will start to collect prototypes of the new Russian robot “Teledroid” that can perform work on the ISS, in outer space.

By the end of 2019 to be completed development of design documentation, and from the beginning of 2020 will be made the first examples of robots. The final sample robotic complex will be built by 2022, reported by TASS, Executive Director, scientific production Association “Android technology” Eugene Dudorov.

Pre-image “Teledroid” has already been defined, the final will be closer to December. “Now comes the placement of all elements and systems,” said Dudorov. He also said that to fulfill the mission of “Teledroid” the orbit should be removed and docked to the ISS science-power module and universal hub module. Also for this program need European manipulator ERA. It is assumed that the robot will be placed on the manipulator, by which it will move to the place of work.

In addition, Russia is prepared and the new robot, which will be the first pilot , which was previously known as “Federation”. This robot “Tester” will be created by 2022.

As told to Eugene Dudorov, “if no progress is not, then the plan is 2022”. The robot must travel on the ship “eagle” in his first and second test flight.

Also there is the option of “transformation project “Test” for use in aplanatic missions”, including on the moon and in the more distant future on Mars.

The first launch of the “eagle” without astronauts on Board is scheduled for 2023 with the cosmodrome “East”, docked in the flight to the International space station is not provided. In 2024, also without astronauts, “the eagle” will carry out the second flight with docking to the ISS. A manned ship will begin in 2025.