Entrepreneurs have started to rely more on virtual phone system, as they are rich with features and are affordable. Business houses have started to use PBX systems due to the availability of various features like call forwarding, automated attendant and scalability. In this post, we will take you through these features in detail.

Call forwarding facilities

The call forwarding techniques in the PBX system is ideal for entrepreneurs and business houses. With this facility, the users can route an incoming call to a different phone in the network. This feature is available for all incoming calls and it does not matter whether you receive the call from a cell phone, VoIP number, Skype number, business phone or home line. In addition, you can use the system to schedule a particular time as and when they are at different locations. This could be of great help to users who travel frequently for business needs. This also decreases the productivity loss that could have occurred by not answering these calls.

Automated Attendant feature

This feature of PBX systems is ideal to cut down cost. With this feature, the business house need not recruit an employee simply to attend and route calls. The automated attendant would work throughout the day with perfection. By using the automated attendant feature, the business house could project themselves as well established. Automated attendant feature is reliable and error free. Since it works 24 hours a day, it practically does the work of at least three employees in three shifts. The business house can thus avoid additional employees and invest only on the maintenance cost of the system. With the auto attendant feature set on the main PBX system, the business house could add multiple extensions and direct these to other departments or across rooms.

Scalability of the system

Scalability of the virtual phone system is a great feature that attracts many business houses to it. The contracts associated with PBX systems are on monthly basis. That is, there are no long-term contracts. By this, the business house can build up a large system with the growth of the company.

As the competition gets tougher in the market, it is important that you go for more affordable solutions. PBX systems are a right move in this regard for all business houses. By choosing a PBX system, you can ensure not only an efficient business environment but also a cut down in production costs.