So, friends, brought up information that was recorded several cases of fraud digital signature, through which people lost their property or butted in a lot of money.

Not to say that the mechanism of electronic signature documents poorly sharpened or poorly protected. There is the fact that scammers have learned to bypass some of the verification procedures when registering a digital signature using your private data. No one has repealed the dishonest employees themselves certification authorities. Of course, for the certifying authority the situation when a breach of the law, very critical, so they take a number of measures to prevent such cases, but the situations are different, and different is the interest of their employees.

The seriousness of the situation is that an electronic digital signature in the reliability equivalent to the signature of the real, consequently, even if you didn’t sign anything, but someone used your digital signature, according to the law such actions are rated as yours, unless you prove otherwise. And have to prove long and tedious.

Theoretically, using your electronic signature, you can get you a mortgage, sell your property (to donate with 3rd parties) or to draw on enterprise, the purpose of which will be the implementation of obviously illegal activity (part in gray schemes). All this equally will reward you with a range of almost unsolvable problems.

More details about the scheme, for example, one apartment in Moscow can be read here.

To avoid this kind of problems – take care of the strength of the password from the personal Cabinet on the portal of state Services, write a statement in the MFC on the prohibition of transactions with your property with the help of electronic signatures and frequently go to your personal Cabinet on the portal on.