Social media giant Facebook has started sending out invites to beta testers for its new social VR app ‘Horizons’ where users will interact in the virtual world.

Facebook Horizon is a cartoonish VR world where users will be able to establish a presence, and connect with others virtually.

Horizon is the successor to Facebook’s first VR social space, called ‘Spaces’, and looks set to provide a more immersive, engaging environment from which people will be able to begin their VR experience, news portal reported on Wednesday.

The launch of beta testing for Horizon is another indicator of VR’s growing momentum.

Facebook recently acquired Sanzaru Games, the developer behind the best virtual reality (VR) game of 2019 titled “Asgard’s Wratha for an undisclosed sum.

Additionally, Facebook in November last year acquired Beat Games, the developer of popular Virtual Reality rhythm game called Beat Saber. Beat Games became part of Facebook’s VR gaming Group Oculus Studios.

At its sixth Oculus Connect conference in September, Facebook shared its vision for VR and plans to build the future of computing with people at the centre with new updates for Quest VR Headsets.