Social network Facebook announced details about the establishment of an independent Supervisory body which will be a Supreme court network, and will consider complaints of users on illegal content removal. It is expected that he will begin work in early 2020.

Facebook unveiled the Charter, which contains detailed information on the work of the Council to oversee the content. The administration said that the authority will be staffed by the end of 2019 and expects involvement of about 40 experts. They will be appointed for three years. Each Council member may retain office for no more than nine years. The names of the Board members and their decisions will be available online. The members of the Board may remain anonymous, if they would be in danger.

The members of the oversight Board should not have “conflicts of interest that may compromise their independent judgment and decision-making.” They should be aware of issues relating to technology and digital content, as well as to understand in civil law, in matters of security, privacy, and freedom of speech.

Every complaint is reviewed by a team of five experts. Their decision will be binding on and shall come into force as soon as possible. The only exception is when the management of Facebook finds that the restoration of the content will be violation of the law.

The founder of social network mark Zuckerberg first announced plans for the creation of such a body in 2018, noting that his goal will be the observation that the administration of Facebook “performed their duties to ensure security.” Independent advice is intended “to instill in people confidence that their views will be heard, and that Facebook does not have absolute power over them.”

Over 15 years of existence, the social network has been the object of criticism from users or subject of interest to authorities. So, in the beginning of 2018 became aware of the largest in the history of the Facebook leak personal data. Cambridge Analytica illegally collected data 87 million users of the social network and transmit them to third parties, including, presumably, the campaign headquarters the current President of the United States Donald trump, who used them for political advertising.

In September 2019, the number of us States has started antitrust investigation against the social network. The authorities intend to find out whether Facebook had abused its dominant position on the market.