Social network Facebook on 27 September have begun to test the function of hiding the number of likes under the publications users. That the world’s largest social network plans to conduct such an experiment, it became known in early September.

As reported in the publication TechCrunch, is that a new feature is being tested in Australia. Participating in the experiment users see that a particular publication responded someone from friends and other users, but the exact number of likes, the social network hides (although the user can open the list who liked their and count them yourself). Also, the developers have disabled the counters hits videos. How long will the testing, the company did not elaborate, saying only that will collect information on how the innovation has affected Australian users.

Earlier testing is similar in function has launched a Facebook-owned service Instagram and the Russian social network “Vkontakte”. “We want to keep your friends focused on photos and videos that you share, not on how many likes they have set,” explained Instagram in the sense of hiding the number of likes.

“The attitude of the likes over the years has changed. They used to be about communication between author and reader, but with time they became perceived as a measure of quality content. In the experiment we want to test how the changes will affect the involvement of users. We will monitor the metrics and feedback and draw conclusions based on the results. While in the testing involved a small audience,” said Director of growth and research, “Vkontakte”, Andrew Laws.

Note, studies show that the pursuit of huskies could adversely affect the mental state of the users of social networks and lead to depression.