The Department of information technology of Moscow (DIT) in the autumn of this year will complete testing of augmented reality glasses with face recognition function, after which it is planned to begin active use of such points for recognition of criminals in places of the big congestion of people.

“Now comes the testing, the results of which will be understood more specifically whether any revision. Most likely, this will start their active use,” said Alexander Minin, General Director of the developer company NtechLab, technology which in the field of face recognition is already used by MIA in the video recorders.

“The main application scenario in this case – at public events, when the system using the built-in camera instantly transmits information about what to sight appeared a criminal, as the lens points themselves, and in the data center”, he added, noting that the main disadvantage of points is the small time of Autonomous work, which is only a few hours.

Recall that in may this year, the head of the rostec Corporation, which is a technology partner and shareholder NtechLab, Sergey Chemezov told that the glasses with the face detection function may appear in the Russian police in major cities in 2020, and the rate of matching individuals in a database of several billion photos will not exceed one second.

In February of last year it was reported that police officers working in one of the stations of the Chinese city of Zhengzhou, located in Henan province, began to be used to identify criminals smart glasses with an integrated camera connected to facial recognition. in Just a few days with the help of glasses, the police managed to locate and arrest seven people who were wanted, and 26 holders of false identities.