The company “Crypto” has rejected accusations that failures in the electronic voting system via the Internet to the Moscow city Duma elections 8 September was due to a problem with company equipment. The cause of the problems in the “Crypto PRO” called violations during the installation and operation of the system.

“According to our information, used equipment and software was deployed and operated with violations of the rules of operation approved by FSB of Russia for certification of these products,” – told RBC representatives of “Crypto”.

Among other things, the company said that the system was not configured to use the backup circuit in the event of failure of the primary, although in the capital of the Department of information technology (DIT) had the necessary equipment and software.

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“The same equipment is installed in many information systems, running under high load, reaching tens of thousands of operations per second, ensures high availability, and has proved as reliable for many years of continuous operation”, – stated in the message of the company.

We will remind, the Moscow city Duma elections technology electronic voting was used in an experiment in three constituencies. On the morning of 8 September, the system was fixed the failure that the city authorities explained the problems with the equipment, “Crypto PRO”, provide data encryption.

Commenting on the company’s statement, the Deputy head of DIT Moscow Artem Kostyrko said he believes the claims of “Crypto PRO” is unfounded. “It’s still their equipment, and they deliver and install. Still unclear why they did not announced why the failure occurred,” said Kostyrko, adding that operated in violation of the rules this equipment could not, because long been used by the office in other systems. Also Kostyrko said about the readiness of the CIO to put “all the logs with the failure of the equipment.”