Manned spacecraft “Soyuz MS-14” humanoid robot Fedor on Board was not able to dock to the International space station (ISS) at the scheduled time, reported on the website of the state Corporation Roscosmos. The ship was supposed to dock to the ISS at 8:30 Saturday, Moscow time.

The apparatus at the appointed time, approached the ISS closer than 100 meters, hovered, and then began to move away until I was about 300 meters from the station. “The transport ship “Soyuz MS-14″ away from the ISS. Docking is planned on the backup date. Security station and crew are in no danger”, – reported in Roskosmos.

During the broadcast the announcer NASA said that the docking was aborted due to problems with amplifier system automatic docking “Course” on Board the station. In manual mode, the astronauts could not dock the ship because of the lack of the necessary systems on Board of the “Union”, reports TASS.

In the broadcast also stated that Russian specialists have instructed the astronauts on Board the ISS to change the signal amplifier in the system of “Course”. The mission control center (MCC) will soon give astronauts instructions.

According to the head flight of Russian segment of the ISS Vladimir Solovyov, docking failed due to “not previously encountered hesitation” when approaching the station”. “With the convergence of all was fine until about a distance of 200 meters [to the station]. Then we went to some, not previously encountered oscillations, at the stage of docking, we realized that in automatic mode, the dock will fail. And “Fedora” we are not yet taught in the manual mode [to dock],” said Soloviev. MCC will hold a second attempt on Monday morning. 26 Aug.




Cosmonaut Alexei Ovchinin, which is on the ISS, said that the crew of “feel good feel great”. He expressed the hope that the second time the docking will fail. The head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, said that on Board the piloted ship new systems, “it is therefore important to go through this stage and prepare for more complex connections in the future that will be when you start MLM [multipurpose laboratory module]”.

“We assume that this operation will be unscheduled and long-term important from the point of view of how to operate in case of failure of such systems”, – said Rogozin astronauts. The specialists of the PMU and the astronauts on the ISS during the day will conduct a series of experiments on the restoration of the instrument docking “Course”, reported RIA “news” a source in the rocket and space industry.

“In the process of joining [the”Union MS-14”] in the apparatus of the passive system kit video “Course” on the ISS had problems when switching to the mode of arrest,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

The United States earlier warned of possible state of emergency when docking. NASA noted, “Union” there is no system of remote control mode that does not allow the astronauts manually dock the spacecraft to the ISS. Robot Fedor too cannot take control, because it has restrictions on work inside the spaceship.

Leading expert at space industry Ivan Moiseev in conversation with “Interfax” noted that the situation with the “Union” is not extraordinary, but in the case of unsuccessful attempts of the new dock of the ship Theodore will have to flood.

“In this century there were at least three similar situation with “Progress”, when they refuse system “Course”, and then included the teleoperation control mode and quietly got out of the situation,” – said the expert. He called the new attempt to dock “risky business.” “If they do not consider that a collision may occur with the station. And then, if it does not dock, it [“Soyuz MS-14″] will be flooding,” suggested Moses. The source of “Interfax” in the space industry confirmed that such a scenario is possible.

According to Moses, the ship will be able to make an attempt to dock to the ISS for another week until they use up the resource of its engines. “The ship is designed for long working time, about a year, as part of the ISS. Outside the station, engine life, and fuel enough, probably for a week. It all depends on how active it will be to maneuver. If will actively make attempts to dock, fuel will be consumed quickly,” said Moses.

Roscosmos said that the option of flooding the “Union” in the ocean is not considered, and called conversations on this subject, “the nonsense of Amateurs”. “The system of the Soyuz spacecraft are working normally, he is able to stay in free flight for a long time and, if necessary, is ready to return to Earth at the normal planting program”, – told RIA “news” in a press-service of the Corporation.

“Soyuz MS-14” with Russia’s first humanoid robot astronaut Fedor on Board was launched from Baikonur cosmodrome on the morning of 21 August. Fedor was the first Android, which was launched into space in the armchair of the cosmonaut, not in the cargo hold. The robot was supposed to hold in orbit for 17 days. It was planned that the ISS astronauts will conduct a series of experiments on the management of Fedor using a special suit, repeating the movements of the operator.