In the last set of videos I went over how to set up your voice over IP services provider how to configure everything and why it is I chose the voice over IP services provider that I did I chose voice pulse now that’s set up but now we have to have a PBX at our business so that I can actually make outbound calls to the real world now I chose to go with PBX that was hosted at the business the reason is because as I said in other videos you get increased flexibility you get overall you’re gonna spend less money because you’re the person who chooses whether you’re gonna pay by the extension or not again you can have ten thousand phones at that PBX so you can have one you’re gonna pay the same amount of money to your service provider you’re only gonna pay by the minute and you get access to a lot of features without kind of getting nickeled and dimed at each one so I thought I would show you how to set up your own.

PBX the reason I also lean towards that for this setup is because if I’m gonna do a how-to videos here is on how to set up a phone system it would be kind of silly if I use somebody else’s pre-configured PBX I’d like to show you how to set one up from scratch so I’m gonna be setting up a PBX at the business from scratch and I’m using a system called free PBX there are a few reasons that I’m using that system the first most important reason is that it actually works believe it or not there’s a lot of tech out there that you can pay good money for and it doesn’t work or half of the features work or you know this will work six months from now but it doesn’t work right now or oh you wanted to do this with your phone system yeah ours doesn’t support that I like when.

I get a phone system I like when I buy anything hardware software and it just works the way I expect it to free PBX is never surprised me but some kind of gotcha where it just doesn’t work the way I wanted to which continues to surprise me to this very day second thing I like about free PBX is that it’s open source free PBX being open source means that anybody around the world can look at the source code and contribute to it so if there’s some 13-year old kid in Thailand that says I really don’t like the free PBX has had this bug for two months and nobody’s fixed it rather than wait for developers to fix it he himself if he has the ability to code and he knows how to fix the bug he can actually submit a fix for this bug and it can get put into the development versions which is pretty cool so.

it’s not just like you have a regular little code base of people that are trying to fix problems and development people from all around the world are looking at the software that people from all around the world aren’t proving the soft or improving the code base we which is a really cool thing the third reason I like it is because it’s open source it is also legally free so yes whether you are getting a system with one user two users or twenty thousand users free PBX costs the same amount of money zero dollars I would highly suggest that if you use the software and you make money off of the software or your business uses that software and makes money off of it that you contribute something to it you can always donate to the project and I would highly suggest you do because it’s a good project led by good people third reason.

I like free PBX is that it has all the features that I want so you know again call recording voice mail can I ring this phone but not this phone when this when this number is dialed can I use different caller ID sources so that I can actually grab caller ID information from my ticketing system so the ticketing system that I use in my store my I can actually have the status of a ticket show up on my phone by having the by having free PBX using API from that that’s CRM software so I can see the status of a ticket on my phone it’ll say waiting pickup done or needs approval or just paid bills so when I greet them I can actually greet them as if I know what I’m talking about instead of having to go let me look you up in the ticket system you have a lot of really cool features built in a free PBX the fourth thing I like about it is that it has a really wide user base of people so when you’re using software that may only have a very small user base of people you’re kind of beta testing.

it for them and it hasn’t really been used in a wide variety of scenarios so there’s a very good chance that there’s a feature that you need that’s not built into the software since free PBX is so widely used by so many people they’re constantly getting feedback on what it is they should add or what they should change and since the software is open-source if there’s a feature that somebody or some organization really really needs that’s not built into it they can actually code it they can pay program is to code that part of the software and then implement it into the project so the reason I like free PBX is because there are so many people using it that they’re constantly contributing to it and it’s constantly getting better so again if you run a business with four to seven people and there’s a possibility that all the features that you need already there because other businesses with 10,000 or 30,000 or 70,000 people are using this system and they’ve already if they anything that you need they probably need and have already implemented and anything that you think you’re gonna need when you have 20 or 40 or 100 or 200 users they’ve probably the 70,000 person business probably already implemented back when they were where you are so having a large range of users.

large user base really helps the software and the last thing I like about it and this is this is a really big benefit because it’s usually a con to open-source software is that it is backed and supported by a for-profit company so with open-source software there’s a lot of good open-source software but if you need help with specific aspects of it a lot of open source projects are pretty much take it or leave it so we have a support forum you should post your question if you get an answer great if you don’t get an answer well figure it out yourself and I can’t complain because a lot of this software is free there’s only so much that you can expect for free the great part about free PBX is that the company that purchased all of this named schmooze offers paid support so I am allowed to yell uncle if I get to a point where I’m stuck.

I have no idea what I’m doing and I I you know there’s a feature that I need to implement it as a problem that I’ve run into and I cannot fix it I can go please help and I can give them $150 they will remote into the system they will actually remote into the system fix the problem tell me how they fix the problem and it’ll be fixed so it’s not like you’re stuck just because it’s open source and free if you ever get to a point where there’s something that you need fixed there’s something that you need help with the support with her service they will help you there is that option to pay them and they will help you fix your problem which is great and they also have service and support packages they have service and support plans so if you’re a business that will need regular help a regular assistance you can actually pay them a set amount of money and have a service plan set up with them so overall it’s a great ecosystem there are great forums all over the internet where people are constantly answering questions if you have a question you can always ask there’s a good chance that somebody else already had asked your question somebody else already had your problem so you can search the forum and you can search and you can find an answer if you don’t find an answer you can ask a question and somebody will answer you if nobody wants to answer you you can always fork over 150 bucks open to support incidents the remote into your system they’ll fix the problem I’ve never had a pay she moves to help me with free PBX but again if .

I wind up setting up some type of system later on where something goes terribly wrong or somebody asked me to implement a feature that I’m not really comfortable implementing like they’re always there and they’re always available for support so that being said let’s go on to how I choose a version of free PBX to download so there are many different versions of it as you see here I’m just gonna go to the screen capture software so I’m googling free PBX download I’m just gonna make the window a little bigger since this is 4k it’s probably hard to see so we’re gonna go to downloads now when we go to the download section you’re gonna see that there’s four different editions there’s a there’s a newer version and then you have over here an older version and you also have 64 and 32-bit versions of both now I’m gonna choose the older version for a few reasons ever since it’s been out for more time more people have had a chance to test it more people have had a chance to find the bugs and therefore fix the bugs and a newer version so keep in mind here this is what I’m gonna be setting up here as a basic phone system meaning I want voicemail I want caller ID I may want call recording I want to make outgoing calls and I want to receive incoming calls nothing here is really nothing it was really super cutting-edge so you know I’m not going to go balls to the wall and get the newest version and risk there being more bugs when I don’t have to the second thing is a 32 versus the 64-bit version the 64-bit version .

has been documented to have some issues there are a lot of different accounts that independent accounts people have had of certain things being in completing their being issues with the 64-bit version that weren’t in a 32-bit version and again when it comes to performance when it comes to 32-bit versus 64-bit I am running a phone system that gets hounded all the time on a computer that right now is almost ten years old it costs $80 and that thing almost never goes over seven percent CPU so I’m not in a rush to get more performance at the potential expense of stability and bugs so what I’m gonna do here is I’m gonna get the full ISO of the 32-bit version and I’m going to choose the older version that’s for the hell of it I’m gonna choose the USB image over here of the 32-bit older version and we’re going to wait for this to download and for some reason the machine decided to crap itself and not downloads from that link so.

I’ll just open a different browser and hope that it doesn’t do anything funny and too late now already opened another browser okay here we go and we’re going to save it let’s check the progress of my download five minutes remaining so that’s gonna be kind of boring five minutes remaining seven minutes remaining with the internet nine minutes okay so I’m gonna stop recording here because there is absolutely no point in you watching a bar

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