The landing platform mission “Chandrayaan-2” in the last step of landing on the moon deviated from the optimal trajectory and stopped communicating. Stream landing was carried out on the YouTube channel of the Indian space research organization (ISRO). As recalled by N+1, the mission “Chandrayaan-2”, through which India planned for the first time to put your comic camera on the lunar surface, the landing platform is “Vikram”, Rover “Pagan” and the Orbiter, from which 2 Sep separated the platform and the Rover.

During the landing, after the primary stage of braking, the lander was supposed to hang above the surface for the final selection of landing area. However, at the height of about a kilometer from the surface and when the vertical speed is around 60 meters per second, the control center lost contact with the apparatus. Thus, according to the telemetry, after declining to a height of 2.1 kilometres the unit began to deviate from the optimum path of descent. Soon in ISRO confirmed the signal loss and reported that experts analyze the latest data.



The mission plan envisaged that within two weeks after the landing module and the Rover will study the mechanical, thermal and chemical properties of lunar soil, and will be engaged in seismic surveys. Orbiter missions have to work about a year in the lunar soil, he will look for signs of water using the spectrometer and to study the lunar ionosphere and exosphere.

If this mission is successful, India would become the fourth nation after the USSR, USA and China, which managed to land a spacecraft on the surface of the moon. Recently, this title could get, and to Israel, but “Genesis” is a private company SpaceIL also crashed when landing on the moon in April of this year.