The Russian government and the Chinese company Huawei discuss the installation of Russian mobile operating system “Aurora” (formerly Sailfish) on the tablet Huawei, is intended for carrying out a national census in the Russian Federation. About it reports Reuters referring to the sources informed about the negotiations.

Recall that Sailfish OS was developed by Finnish company Jolla, created by immigrants from Nokia. In 2015, it became known that the owner of Jolla, was the founder of ESN group Grigory Berezkin, and the associated company “Open mobile platform” has been developing the Russian version of the mobile OS. In March 2018 Rostelecom has concluded a contract on purchase of 75% of the companies OMP and “Votre” (also developing a domestic version of Sailfish. In early August, the Russian government has appointed Rostelecom as the only purchaser of the tablet OS for the Russian census, which will be held from 1 to 31 October 2020.

For the first time about a possible collaboration Huawei with Russian companies and government agencies in the use of alternative Android mobile OS became known in mid-June. According to sources, in addition to the transfer of Huawei devices with Android to “Aurora” the sides discussed the localization of production in Russia of some gadgets Huawei. In early August Deputy Minister Mikhail Mamonov statedthat Huawei until the end of this year may launch a pilot project on the use of OS “Aurora” in their devices.

“It’s a pilot. We see it as the first phase of implementation of the Russian OS on Huawei devices. It is in principle a good way to test the effectiveness, compatibility someone else’s OS and someone else’s iron,” said the source to Reuters, adding that the question now is about installing OS “Aurora” 360 thousand tablets Huawei by 1 August 2020.

Another source told journalists that Huawei has expressed interest in the project and showed samples of the tablets to conduct the census. In turn, the Huawei spokeswoman confirmed that the company is negotiating with the Ministry of communications, but refused to comment on the details.

“With the participation of the Ministry of communications of the Russian Federation discussed issues of cooperation between Huawei and Rostelecom, as the sole owner of the domestic mobile operating system Aurora. Currently being considered various options for cooperation. Details have yet to be disclosed, there is an agreement of confidentiality,” – said the press service of “Rostelecom”. The company added that the tablet vendor will choose in the fall in accordance with “the established procurement procedures.”