Amazon Delivery Service Partner Program | Amazon Logistic Partner

Amazon Delivery Service Partner Program | Amazon Logistic Partner

I’M sorry I did not wan na into a rant about this, but you have a business being served to your on a platter and you still have to think about it. Why? Hey guys? My name is paul with Sunset Realty and if this is your time time here, please subscribe, so you don’t miss any of our next videos. So what are we talking about? For those of you who don’t know, amazon is offering its employees up to ten thousand dollars to start their own delivery. Business and people have questions about it.

Do you wan na start a business or not? This is a business who this is the business that being served on a platter, and you still have to think about it. This one on what the naysayers are saying: Amazon Amazon is evil up. I’Ve been hearing the same thing over and over about uber and lyft, and you know what I can tell you at least three guys that I know who’s consistently pulling 100 120. Meanwhile, you’re sitting on the sidelines talking about oh they’re, evil, they’re, not paying enough guess what things are changing things are not the same. Amazon is here to stay.

Uber’S you to say so, does lift you know? Is it or you get with it or you get left behind that just the way it is stop listening to the naysayers, do it for yourself, do it for your family? Do it to prove to yourself that you can do it, do it to make your life better, you know always gon na. Be people complaining, don’t worry about it. If that’s what you want, you want it for you, don’t do it by anybody else. Do it for you, let me tell you how over ninety percent of small businesses get funded one you have some money saved, you go for it. Two you go to your family and borrow money. Three, you go to a shark, which means you probably get you to give some equity on your company more likely, 50 or more. You get some money to get started notice. I didn’t say a bank, because no bank will give you money start a new business that has not been proven yet as a small business owner. Let me tell you after you get funded. You know what the hardest part is is to get customers to come to your business first.

The first thing you have to do is to get customer without customers your business die, but now you have Amazon, giving you not only they’re giving you $ 10,000 to to get your business started. Number two. The business is already there they’re giving you the business. You don’t have to go anywhere to look for the business if the business is there, ten thousand to start the business, and on top of that they are paying three months they’re paying three months they’re, paying you three months, salary. So what? What is there to think about? This is an opportunity.

That’S been given to you to start your own business. I don’t understand what people are forcing about. Listen everything that you do in life. You have pros and cons in this case, in my opinion, to pros outweigh the cons. This is business being given to you like somebody’s literally handing you a business with the money to start it with the three months pay and with the clientele you already have the clients and you don’t have to go. Look for the clientele. Oh, my god, and if do it doesn’t work out so what I can promise you lesson that you will learn is priceless.

I didn’t want this to be a rant, but hey I’m passionate about these kind of things. Thank you again for watching guys. Please subscribe! So you don’t miss any of our next videos.


Facebook’s experimental app division just released an Apple Watch messaging app

Facebook’s NPE Team, its experimental app division designed to play around with new mobile ideas, has a new product out called Kit, short for “Keep in Touch.” In a strange move, it’s a messaging app exclusive to the Apple Watch, and it lets you “send a voice message, your location or an emoji” with just a tap of the Watch screen, according to the app description. Kit was first discovered on Tuesday by TechCrunch.

“You also have easy access to speech-to-text. We hope that Kit helps you keep in touch with those most important to you — without constantly needing to pick up your phone,” the description continues. As TechCrunch notes, the app lets you send a variety of messages, like voice recordings and ones containing your location data, similar to how Apple’s iMessage functions on the Watch already. The one difference is that the messages are routed over Facebook Messenger.

That said, it’s not entirely clear why NPE Team released Kit now — there is no mention in the description of the current pandemic — or what exactly it’s going for. The app looks pretty bare, and it’s basically just a stripped-down version of Facebook Messenger with a few extra Apple Watch-specific features, despite Messenger already having an Apple Watch counterpart.

Image: Facebook

The NPE Team, which was formed in July 2019 and is run by Ime Archibong, has thrown out quite a few different products in the last year. Those include a meme-making app called Whale, an app for couples to share with only one another, and a Pinterest clone, among some other music-oriented apps aimed at college students.

It’s pretty clear none are supposed to be big hits. Facebook is likely letting some of its product designers have the freedom to experiment so that they maybe stumble upon a fresh new idea that could potentially be useful in one of its established products like Messenger or Instagram. The company has a reputation for keeping its eye on the mobile market and either cloning or acquiring new startups, like it did successfully to Snapchat with its signature Stories and unsuccessfully to Houseparty with group video chat.

Facebook also found itself in hot water last year when it was using a VPN app distributed outside the iOS App Store to keep tabs on teenagers’ mobile habits in exchange for monthly gift cards. The company has since shut the app down after a dustup with Apple over privacy concerns, and now it runs a separate market research app called Study on Android.

This is all just evidence that Facebook is immensely interested in the next big thing, especially since the company may have potentially missed out on the resurgence of short-form video with the rise of TikTok. So it makes sense that its experimental app division would be trying all sorts of weird and unconventional ideas to see what might be around the corner.

Correction: An earlier version of this article stated Facebook’s NPE Team was run by Jason Toff. That is incorrect; it is run by Ime Archibong, while Toff is a member. We regret the error.


How to install Terraform on Ubuntu Server

If you’re looking to add automation into your Kubernetes pipeline, you might need Terraform. Find out how to install this must have for CI/CD.


Image: iStockphoto/monsitj

With Kubernetes, there’s very little you cannot do. From deploying, scaling, managing, and developing, you are in control of how things happen, when they happen, and why they happen. Kubernetes has another trick up it’s enterprise-ready sleeve: Automation. With automation you can ensure your Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines run seamlessly and timely.

But how do you add automation into the Kubernetes chain of command? With Terraform. This open source infrastructure as code tool was created by HashiCorp and enables users to define and provision data center infrastructure using either HashiCorp’s own high-level configuration language or JSON.

But before you can integrate Terraform into your CI/CD pipeline, you have to first install it. Let me show you how.

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What you’ll need

The first thing you’ll need to install Terraform is a running Kubernetes cluster. If you don’t already have that cluster up and running, walk through my tutorial: How to deploy a Kubernetes cluster on Ubuntu server.

You’ll also need a user with sudo privileges. 

How to install Terraform

The first thing to be done is the installation of Terraform. To do this, we must locate the latest version of the software available from the Terraform web site. As of this writing, that is 0.12.24. 

Download the latest version with the command:


If you find the latest version to be newer than 0.12.24, make sure to substitute the new release number in the wget command.

Install zip with the command:

sudo apt-get install zip -y

Next, unzip the Terraform download with the command:

unzip terraform*.zip

Finally, move the executable with the command:

sudo mv terraform /usr/local/bin

Test to make sure the installation works with the command:

terraform version

You should see Terraform v0.12.24 printed out in the terminal window.

How to initialize Terraform

Now that terraform is installed, it must be initialized. However, to do that we must configure a provider, otherwise it won’t know where to pull from. We’re going to simply use Kubernetes as the provider for this instance. 

First, create a new directory to work in with the command:

mkdir ~/terraform

Change into that new directory with the command:

cd ~/terraform

Create a new configuration file with the command:


In that file, paste the following:

provider "kubernetes" {}

Save and close the file. 

Now that we’ve defined our provider, we can initialize Terraform with the command:

terraform init

At this point, Terraform will download the plugin for the Kubernetes provider and you’re ready to go. 

If you’re looking for some AWS provider examples, some great samples can be be had with the command:

git clone

Change into the newly cloned directory with the command:

cd terraform-provider-aws/examples

You can now comb through much more complicated provider configurations for AWS. Change into one of the example directories (such as the two-tier directory) and then initialize that provider with the command:

terraform init

Once Terraform has initialized, you’ll want to go through the configurations for that example, in order to successfully run the the command:

terraform apply

For example, for the AWS providers, you’ll need to supply legitimate authentication keys for an AWS account–otherwise the apply command will fail.

I highly recommend you take the time to examine all the sample terraform provider configurations within the terraform-provider-aws directory, as there’s a lot to take in. 

Although Terraform isn’t the easiest tool you’ll ever use, the time it takes to understand its usage will be well spent. If you’re looking to integrate automation into your pipelines, this might well be exactly what you’re looking for.

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Reddit will now publicly track political ad spending on its platform

Reddit is launching a new subreddit that will list all political ad campaigns that have run on the site since January 1st, 2019, the company announced today. The new subreddit can be found at r/RedditPoliticalAds.

“In this community, you will find information on the individual advertiser, their targeting, impressions, and spend on a per-campaign basis,” Reddit said in its announcement post. “We plan to consistently update this subreddit as new political ads run on Reddit, so we can provide transparency into our political advertisers and the conversation their ad(s) inspires.”

Reddit is also updating its policies for political advertising to require political campaigns to work with Reddit’s sales team on ads and to require political advertisers to leave comments on for the first 24 hours an ad campaign is live. However, advertisers can moderate the comments on the ad posts, according to a Reddit admin, so an advertiser could remove comments they don’t want shown under the ad, in theory.

r/RedditPoliticalAds will only feature ads that actually run on Reddit, the admin said. If ads are mistakenly approved and then removed, information about those ads will remain on the subreddit, but they’ll have a flair attached to their title that says the ad was “Approved in Error.”

Reddit joins Facebook in having a political ad database. Twitter, however, has bowed out entirely from having political ads on the site, announcing in October that it would ban all political ads globally starting in November. “We have made this decision based on our belief that political message reach should be earned, not bought,” Twitter says on its political content policy page.


Quibi had 1.7 million downloads in its first week, is working on TV casting support

After all of the hype and a barrage of TV advertising, Quibi tallied over 1.7 million downloads in its first week after launch. CEO Meg Whitman revealed the stat to CNBC’s David Faber this morning, also noting that the median age of Quibi viewers is (so far) somewhere in the low 30s.

Quibi, which is exclusively available on Android and iPhone, gives users a free trial period of 90 days, and the company previously said it would “refrain” from disclosing subscriber numbers and app download figures until after the trial window. 1.7 million is a bit better than analysts had been expecting, with estimates ranging between 1 and 1.5 million. But that number is still small potatoes compared to Quibi’s much larger rivals. Disney Plus surpassed 10 million users (and 3.2 million app downloads) on its launch day, which is a tough act to follow. After the trial, Quibi charges $4.99 per month for an ad-supported plan or $7.99 for commercial-free viewing.

Whitman noted that 80 percent of customers who start watching a show at least finish the first episode. That’s not necessarily impressive when you consider that Quibi’s “quick bites” content always runs under 10 minutes in length. So it’s not at all clear whether any of Quibi’s originals have staying power, and making shows harder to share isn’t helping. On a separate Fox Business interview this morning, Whitman mentioned that Quibi is stocked up on original programming through November.

Quibi’s other main problem is a lack of TV support. Jeffrey Katzenberg and Whitman launched their big streaming gamble without any kind of TV app or large-screen experience, but the company seems to be fast-tracking that part now — after initial reviews cited it as a major downside to the paid video service. “We had always planned to be able to cast to your TV, so we’re going to see if we can accelerate that in the engineering roadmap,” Whitman said on CNBC. “We’ll eventually get there, but it was never a part of the launch. If we had known about COVID, maybe it would have been.”

(Disclosure: Vox Media, which owns The Verge, has a deal with Quibi to produce a Polygon Daily Essential, and there have been early talks about a Verge show.)