For the first few years of the start of sales of new products iPhone in Moscow without large queues. Representatives of the retailers have enough supply of smartphones from Apple, sales of which began in the capital at 8:00. From that moment the purchase is also available in the online stores.

First customer in the Apple Store on Tverskaya street acquired for himself and his wife two iPhone 11 Pro Max even without the queue by pre-ordering. The price of the iPhone 11 is 59,99 thousand rubles, iPhone Pro, from 89,99 thousand rubles, iPhone Pro Max from to 99.99 thousand rubles. The most expensive smartphone – iPhone 11 Pro Max memory is 512 gigabytes worth 131,99 thousand rubles

Some enterprising people were selling places in the queue, but not for such a fabulous sum, which was offered for a place in the queue on the message boards.

First in line for iPhone in Moscow on Tverskaya said that is 17 September and the place sells for 30 thousand rubles. “There were no lines, but every day I came – a day in the evening and at night”, – told RIA “Novosti” Alex, who was first in line to buy the new iPhone on Tverskaya.

One of the first buyers of iPhone 11 Pro Max announced that all in turn were not. “This year was very well. I just passed yesterday, went and bought (pre-ordered) two. I said, “Come at this time”. And that’s all. Very nice, good,” he told reporters.

As said the representative of the trade network re:Store, iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max for pre-order this year, it sold 3 times more than the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max in 2018.

“This year we have all our phone numbers, the lion’s share, was sent to the pre-order. So people who come here in the morning, these are people who likely want to get your pre-order early, well whoever comes just to hang out and get among the first. But phones in the free market a bit. We pre-orders sold out before the start of sales,” the company said, adding that pre-order means that you pay 100% of the cost of the gadget.

The most popular color was green, and “space grey”. It’s always traditionally a popular color iPhone.