Sberbank in talks to buy a stake in the company 2GIS, which owns the eponymous map service. About it writes RBC with reference to sources familiar with the plans of Sberbank. At the same time, an unnamed Executive of a major Internet company said that the initiators of the negotiations were the owners of 2GIS.

The terms of a potential transaction between Sberbank and 2GIS sources are not disclosed and representatives from both sides declined to comment, but the purchase of Sberbank shares in another company included in top-10 Russian Internet companies (according to Forbes, 2GIS ranked eighth in the latest ranking of most expensive companies web – its cost is estimated at 243 million dollars) seems a logical step.

So, in April the Bank agreed to purchase 46% of the holding Rambler Group for 11 billion rubles, and in July the Bank and the company Group announced the creation of a joint venture worth more than 100 billion rubles. Finally, the Bank already has a joint venture with “Yandex” in the field of Internet trade, but, according to rumors, this partnership disgruntled.

A service developer 2GIS (Novosibirsk, OOO “Doublegis”) was registered as a separate legal entity in July 2004, and before that the project was part of the company “technograd plus”. Now the founder of 2GIS Alexander Sysoyev is the General Director of OOO “Doublegis”, established by the company 2Gis Cyprus Ltd. Sysoev 48.5 per cent of the shares of the Cypriot founder, another 19.8% of the stock is owned by Dmitry Sysoev. At 4.7% of shares owned by the President of the Russian 2GIS Faith Garmash, head of the Department of R&D Boris Berhanu. Finally the structure of the Fund Baring Vostok and venture Fund ru-Net Holdings, which in 2015 invested in 2GIS 40 million dollars, owns 20% and 2.3% of the shares of 2Gis Ltd.