Do you remember this? We're not talking about your first ever mobile, we're talking about your first business mobile. Now when you first get a work phone it's all great you know oh I'm going to get a new phone and for work but you then get one of these and you think why I gone back five years. Why I've gone back ten years and these basic mobile phones were used for phone calls and had no internet access or apps or anything extra. So nowadays we might be moving on to modern mobile smart phones that allowing you access to the Internet but it all started with these simple things now some of us may not want to carry two to mobile devices whether you're at home or at work just to take calls but then on the other side you don't want to take your mobile phone your personal one and use it for all your calls so what is the alternative solution. With a Birak IT cloud-based hosted telephony solution we can enable you to utilize your personal mobile but also give me the functionality of having a business mobile all on one device now it's as simple as one small app on your phone that app allows you to then make these calls appear like you're calling from the office and even receive calls when people call the landline.

Likewise if you're starting out to the business you might find you don't want to publish your mobile phone on your website or on directory listings or when somebody emails you and they see at the bottom of the marketer your personal in your personal mobile telephone number so if you would like to know more about cloud-based telephone systems but don't require loads of space in your office please drop us a message below and if you want to check out our other videos on YouTube @BirakIT solutions please check our channel on youtube at The details will be in the message below. Please subscribe for future videos from the team thanks for watching have a great day..