5 Emerging technologies 2021 | 5 Technologies that will change the world

5 Emerging technologies 2021 | 5 Technologies that will change the world

If a dead person comes to life after hundred years he’ll probably go insane after seeing the techie world we are living in today who could have imagined hundred years ago that would have self-driving cars sensor networks virtual humans and other amazing technologies under development today we will discuss five technologies that will change the future of the world number one artificial intelligence most of you put are already familiar with artificial intelligence AI is a technology that is transforming every walk of life the applications are so diverse that it can read the novel, article, news, document or anything else summarized Bot is an AI power website that can summarize a complete book for anything you want and save your time in learning the information that could have taken hours or even days web giants use AI to identify the images on this servers and learn your habits to provide relevant information according to the context Apple Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Google’s AI assistant are the examples of power of AI.

Furthermore, AI helps self-driving cars by object detection and classification to avoid collisions and navigation scientists are using AI to turn brain signals into speech by using electrodes and artificial intelligence to create a device that could translate brain signals into the speech it will be amazing for the person who have speech disorders now he can also express his feelings with the power of AI number 2 3d printing 3d printing typically refers to converting digital blueprints into three-dimensional objects by layering additive materials on top of one another Although 3d printing process goes back as far as the 1980s the technical capabilities of 3d printing have become more affordable and widespread in recent years here are some cool uses of 3d printing Ricoh 3D.

A Telford based company announced that it will be providing NHS staff with 30,000 3d printed face shields in a week to stay protected against Covid19 In Amsterdam architecture firm this architect developed a 3d printed canal house is a part of a three-year research and design project the canal house has each room printed separately before being assembled and stacked to create a home the Kamel maker a 20-foot 3d printer is a product used to develop the house many leading two companies have partnered with 3d manufacturing companies to produce a shoe insoles number third blockchain technology you must have heard about Bitcoin.

Other cryptocurrencies digital currencies are making waves in recent years cryptocurrency uses blockchain technology to ensure the traceability of transactions since each Bitcoin has its own encryption code the blockchain the technology for storing and transmitting information it is transparent secure decentralized and operating without a central organ II.

I know that concept can be difficult to wrap our heads around but there are many YouTube videos which shows this remarkable technology in action with blockchain technology there will be no need for intermediaries the primary purpose is to eliminate third parties the users could conduct peer-to-peer transactions directly with a driver for a lesser with almost no Commission or intermediary there are several uses of blockchain technology it can act as a money transfer platform you can transfer money at low cost in a few minutes against several days for some transfers abroad.

If you have ever transferred money or girth you know the faucet sucks it can take three days to transfer but with blockchain technology this process can happen in a matter of minutes if we have ever spent time you local recorders office we will know the recording property rights is burdensome and inefficient but with using blocking technology this process can be transparent secure and faster the blockchain can have many applicants and various sectors such as banking insurance real state energy transport online voting the health process can also be fast with using the option technology healthcare providers can leverage gropkin to store their patients medical records securely next in the lines big data big data refers to the large Tyrone’s sets of information that grow at ever increasing rates the importance of big data does not revolve around how much data you have but how you use it in what way we have already made a video on the importance of data experts suggest that data is a new oil of digital age Google, Facebook, Uber, Netflix have data of billions of users that’s why they’re among the wealthiest companies on globe.

Big data is used to understand customer their behaviors and their preferences better companies are keen to expand their traditional datasets with Social media data browser logs as well as text analytics and sensor data to get a complete picture of the customers big data is not just for companies and governments but also for all of us individually we can now benefit from the data generated from wearable devices such as smartwatches or smart bracelets the armband collects data and our calorie consumption, activity levels and sleep patterns while it gives individuals rich insights the real values who analyze the collected data the other way in which will benefit from big data analytics is finding love online most online dating sites apply big data tools and algorithms to find us a most appropriate matches last but not least 5g technology it’s been near a decade in the making but 5g is finally becoming a reality 5g is the next generation of mobile broadband that will eventually replace or at least augment your 4G LTE connection with 5g.

You will see the exponentially faster download and upload speeds latency or the time it takes devices to communicate with wireless networks will also drastically decrease these five deployments under brave men we will have questions about five the applications and use cases and what connected light will be like after the rollout the fact is files even with transformational it will another many new applications that are not viable today particularly in urban areas and cities as five-year-old many cities around the world today are deploying intelligent transport system and are planning to support connected vehicle technology connected vehicle technology within ever bi-directional communications from vehicle to vehicle and we could in substitute to promote safety the Fox Transportation Systems smart cities are installing sensors in every intersection to detect movement and cause connected and autonomous vehicles to react as needed the key benefits of file deep in the industry automation space a wireless flexibility reduce costs and the viability of applications that are not possible with current wireless technology.

Industrial automation is in use today and most like you have seen videos joint synchronized robotics at work in factories and supply chain applications today these applications require cables as Wi-Fi does not provide the range mobility in quality of service require industrial control and the Latin theme of Cuba’s cellular technology is to hire this 5g industrial automation applications and cut the cord and go silly wireless enabling more efficient smart appears the new Latin see of 5g will make AR and we are police most immersive and far more interactive in business environments you can have our meetings where the pious people are sitting together.

Is seeing you turning going phone or 2d conferences into more interactive 3d Cathy’s supporting events and experiences will likely be some of the top applications for 5g indie consumer sphere if you have a 5g phone and AR headset virtual players will welcome you and cheer you up as you walk in during the game you will be able to see larger-than-life in fleas and tear steps drones have a washed and growing set of use cases apart from filming and Stavropol for example uber is using drones for food delivery due to TVs are using drones today for equipment inspections logistics and until campaigns are looking at drone delivery, of course, the print will continue and together with the fire chief who will be able to push limits of drones that exist today especially in rain interactivity fires you will take IoT to the next level variables tackles and sensors will be a big market for the massive IoT aspect of society considered.

When all of your gadgets appliances and machines you’re interacting with on a daily basis are directly connected over a cellular connection in addition to forms tablets and laptop that are already connected great will far more devices to operate without perceived Elise drop signals and so on and any given area we are certain that with these technologies in action we would have a completely different feature and a better one to go thank you for watching movie subscribe Cesar’s guide for more interesting videos

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Choosing a VoIP PBX for business phone system: why FreePBX?

Choosing a VoIP PBX for business phone system: why FreePBX?

In the last set of videos I went over how to set up your voice over IP services provider how to configure everything and why it is I chose the voice over IP services provider that I did I chose voice pulse now that’s set up but now we have to have a PBX at our business so that I can actually make outbound calls to the real world now I chose to go with PBX that was hosted at the business the reason is because as I said in other videos you get increased flexibility you get overall you’re gonna spend less money because you’re the person who chooses whether you’re gonna pay by the extension or not again you can have ten thousand phones at that PBX so you can have one you’re gonna pay the same amount of money to your service provider you’re only gonna pay by the minute and you get access to a lot of features without kind of getting nickeled and dimed at each one so I thought I would show you how to set up your own.

PBX the reason I also lean towards that for this setup is because if I’m gonna do a how-to videos here is on how to set up a phone system it would be kind of silly if I use somebody else’s pre-configured PBX I’d like to show you how to set one up from scratch so I’m gonna be setting up a PBX at the business from scratch and I’m using a system called free PBX there are a few reasons that I’m using that system the first most important reason is that it actually works believe it or not there’s a lot of tech out there that you can pay good money for and it doesn’t work or half of the features work or you know this will work six months from now but it doesn’t work right now or oh you wanted to do this with your phone system yeah ours doesn’t support that I like when.

I get a phone system I like when I buy anything hardware software and it just works the way I expect it to free PBX is never surprised me but some kind of gotcha where it just doesn’t work the way I wanted to which continues to surprise me to this very day second thing I like about free PBX is that it’s open source free PBX being open source means that anybody around the world can look at the source code and contribute to it so if there’s some 13-year old kid in Thailand that says I really don’t like the free PBX has had this bug for two months and nobody’s fixed it rather than wait for developers to fix it he himself if he has the ability to code and he knows how to fix the bug he can actually submit a fix for this bug and it can get put into the development versions which is pretty cool so.

it’s not just like you have a regular little code base of people that are trying to fix problems and development people from all around the world are looking at the software that people from all around the world aren’t proving the soft or improving the code base we which is a really cool thing the third reason I like it is because it’s open source it is also legally free so yes whether you are getting a system with one user two users or twenty thousand users free PBX costs the same amount of money zero dollars I would highly suggest that if you use the software and you make money off of the software or your business uses that software and makes money off of it that you contribute something to it you can always donate to the project and I would highly suggest you do because it’s a good project led by good people third reason.

I like free PBX is that it has all the features that I want so you know again call recording voice mail can I ring this phone but not this phone when this when this number is dialed can I use different caller ID sources so that I can actually grab caller ID information from my ticketing system so the ticketing system that I use in my store my I can actually have the status of a ticket show up on my phone by having the by having free PBX using API from that that’s CRM software so I can see the status of a ticket on my phone it’ll say waiting pickup done or needs approval or just paid bills so when I greet them I can actually greet them as if I know what I’m talking about instead of having to go let me look you up in the ticket system you have a lot of really cool features built in a free PBX the fourth thing I like about it is that it has a really wide user base of people so when you’re using software that may only have a very small user base of people you’re kind of beta testing.

it for them and it hasn’t really been used in a wide variety of scenarios so there’s a very good chance that there’s a feature that you need that’s not built into the software since free PBX is so widely used by so many people they’re constantly getting feedback on what it is they should add or what they should change and since the software is open-source if there’s a feature that somebody or some organization really really needs that’s not built into it they can actually code it they can pay program is to code that part of the software and then implement it into the project so the reason I like free PBX is because there are so many people using it that they’re constantly contributing to it and it’s constantly getting better so again if you run a business with four to seven people and there’s a possibility that all the features that you need already there because other businesses with 10,000 or 30,000 or 70,000 people are using this system and they’ve already if they anything that you need they probably need and have already implemented and anything that you think you’re gonna need when you have 20 or 40 or 100 or 200 users they’ve probably the 70,000 person business probably already implemented back when they were where you are so having a large range of users.

large user base really helps the software and the last thing I like about it and this is this is a really big benefit because it’s usually a con to open-source software is that it is backed and supported by a for-profit company so with open-source software there’s a lot of good open-source software but if you need help with specific aspects of it a lot of open source projects are pretty much take it or leave it so we have a support forum you should post your question if you get an answer great if you don’t get an answer well figure it out yourself and I can’t complain because a lot of this software is free there’s only so much that you can expect for free the great part about free PBX is that the company that purchased all of this named schmooze offers paid support so I am allowed to yell uncle if I get to a point where I’m stuck.

I have no idea what I’m doing and I I you know there’s a feature that I need to implement it as a problem that I’ve run into and I cannot fix it I can go please help and I can give them $150 they will remote into the system they will actually remote into the system fix the problem tell me how they fix the problem and it’ll be fixed so it’s not like you’re stuck just because it’s open source and free if you ever get to a point where there’s something that you need fixed there’s something that you need help with the support with her service they will help you there is that option to pay them and they will help you fix your problem which is great and they also have service and support packages they have service and support plans so if you’re a business that will need regular help a regular assistance you can actually pay them a set amount of money and have a service plan set up with them so overall it’s a great ecosystem there are great forums all over the internet where people are constantly answering questions if you have a question you can always ask there’s a good chance that somebody else already had asked your question somebody else already had your problem so you can search the forum and you can search and you can find an answer if you don’t find an answer you can ask a question and somebody will answer you if nobody wants to answer you you can always fork over 150 bucks open to support incidents the remote into your system they’ll fix the problem I’ve never had a pay she moves to help me with free PBX but again if .

I wind up setting up some type of system later on where something goes terribly wrong or somebody asked me to implement a feature that I’m not really comfortable implementing like they’re always there and they’re always available for support so that being said let’s go on to how I choose a version of free PBX to download so there are many different versions of it as you see here I’m just gonna go to the screen capture software so I’m googling free PBX download I’m just gonna make the window a little bigger since this is 4k it’s probably hard to see so we’re gonna go to downloads now when we go to the download section you’re gonna see that there’s four different editions there’s a there’s a newer version and then you have over here an older version and you also have 64 and 32-bit versions of both now I’m gonna choose the older version for a few reasons ever since it’s been out for more time more people have had a chance to test it more people have had a chance to find the bugs and therefore fix the bugs and a newer version so keep in mind here this is what I’m gonna be setting up here as a basic phone system meaning I want voicemail I want caller ID I may want call recording I want to make outgoing calls and I want to receive incoming calls nothing here is really nothing it was really super cutting-edge so you know I’m not going to go balls to the wall and get the newest version and risk there being more bugs when I don’t have to the second thing is a 32 versus the 64-bit version the 64-bit version .

has been documented to have some issues there are a lot of different accounts that independent accounts people have had of certain things being in completing their being issues with the 64-bit version that weren’t in a 32-bit version and again when it comes to performance when it comes to 32-bit versus 64-bit I am running a phone system that gets hounded all the time on a computer that right now is almost ten years old it costs $80 and that thing almost never goes over seven percent CPU so I’m not in a rush to get more performance at the potential expense of stability and bugs so what I’m gonna do here is I’m gonna get the full ISO of the 32-bit version and I’m going to choose the older version that’s for the hell of it I’m gonna choose the USB image over here of the 32-bit older version and we’re going to wait for this to download and for some reason the machine decided to crap itself and not downloads from that link so.

I’ll just open a different browser and hope that it doesn’t do anything funny and too late now already opened another browser okay here we go and we’re going to save it let’s check the progress of my download five minutes remaining so that’s gonna be kind of boring five minutes remaining seven minutes remaining with the internet nine minutes okay so I’m gonna stop recording here because there is absolutely no point in you watching a bar

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How to connect a Gigaset DECT phone to a VOIP router

How to connect a Gigaset DECT phone to a VOIP router

Hi guys today, I have something special for you. We are going to look at the gigaset CL660HX, which is an IP phone made in germany, and all you need to use one of these really. Nice phones is a router that supports this DECT standard. With this CAT-iq extension 2.0, it also features HD voice and yeah.

It is made in Germany, and one thing I want you to keep in mind – is that if you want to connect this to your router, make sure that your router supports this expanded CAT-iq standard? That’S here that way, you can use it with a variety of routers such as tp-link and the like, and I will show you how to configure this as well and gigaset has launched this HX series specifically to work with your router. So you don’t need a separate base station for your phone.

It communicates directly with the router, which is very nice. So let’s have a look inside the box and then I’m also going to show you how to set this up. So, first up we find a manual and yeah since I am in Germany. That’S all in German, very nice little compact charger yeah. So that’s the charger.

I don’t know whether you can see these specs right here. So next up. We have like a really fancy. Looking base station – and that’s like a really nice material right here and here in the back – is where you can insert the power adapter yeah that looks very nice next up. We have the phone and yeah. What I like about the phone is that let’s turn this around real quick, it has a really nice fit and finish, and the displays is also very large, so …

And yeah look at this dial pad. You know how many phones, like you, have like these really small buttons, and this is like a really nice size and just to give you an idea, i’m going to put in the batteries right now and turn this thing on and yeah the phone comes with two 750 mAh batteries – let’s take this out real, quick and for any electric device, make sure you pay attention to the polarity of the batteries. Put them put them in the right way, like so …, and it’s already starting up and yeah what the phone is telling me right now, it’s to register it with the base station,

so I will be right back and set this up for you and yeah, like I said before, instead of connecting the phone to a base station, i’m connecting it right to a voice over IP capable router by the company tp-link, and this router supports up to six of these handhelds ( DECT phones, ) and yeah, basically to pair the phone with The router you just have to push this DECT button and then hook it up with the phone. It’S a very easy and straightforward process. Now let me see whether I can get you a close-up shot of that router button as well and yeah. Here you see the voice over IP capable router, with its three buttons at the side and the top one is where you connect the phone,

and for that you just push that DECT button for a few seconds and then a light starts to flash and you pair It with your phone and yeah once the handset is connected. It should look something like this. That’S literally how easy it is here. You see the time and then you have a menu right here where you can change the sounds and a lot of other things.

So that’s a really nice easy to use phone and on the site right here, I even found a connector for connecting a headset. So if you wanted to, you could even take like a call center style, headset like this and just plug it in and plug it. In like so like so and off you go so, I think that’s really great a handset ( DECT phone ) that works with a voip router that has big buttons, that has a nice menu where you can easily navigate everything and you can connect a headset. I mean that’s really great and to check that everything is set up correctly. Let’S take my other voice over IP phone and pick the u.s

Line and call that newly setup handset ( DECT phone ) and yeah, should you happen to miss the call. You also see this by this flashing indicator light, and it will also display it here as a missed call as well and a yeah just to give you an idea. You have also a variety of sounds that you can pick as well and yeah when it comes to the sounds. There are some nice sounds in there, but there’s definitely room for improvement, but i did also see supposedly you can also load up. Your own sounds to that phone, because the phone has the USB connection as well, and you can connect that to with a software to your computer and copy sounds as well as pictures when someone calls you, as well as your all, your contacts.

Using the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System

Using the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System

Are you a Medicare Part A provider, a Federally Qualified Health Center, a Home Health or Hospice provider, or a Medicare part B provider who bills Medicare claims to National Government Services for Jurisdiction 6 or Jurisdiction K? Did you know you that you can get information specific to your patients and general information outside of normal business hours, and without speaking to a representative by calling the National Government Services Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system? The IVR is maintained on a separate line from our customer care representatives and is available beyond the normal contact center hours.

As a result, you have greater access to the information you need, when you need it and at a time that works for you. There are a few things you can do to make using the IVR easier. Remember to speak naturally and use the mute button when you are not speaking. Try using touch-tone if an element is not recognized by your voice. You cannot combine speech and touch-tone when providing a single element. For example, you cannot speak the numbers in a patient’s Medicare number and then enter the suffix via touch-tone. However, you can switch between speech and touch-tone throughout the call. There is no need to wait for a prompt to try touch-tone; it is available throughout the IVR. Once the CMS required authentication elements have been verified, you can obtain answers to numerous inquiries through this self-service option. If you select Option 1 in the IVR, you can obtain Eligibility information including: Part A and Part B effective and termination dates, Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) type, insurer name, effective and termination dates Medicare Advantage Plan number, name, address, telephone number, effective and termination dates Eligibility information is not available if the date of service is greater than one year from the date you are calling the IVR.

In addition, eligibility information is not available for terminated providers. If you select Option 2, the IVR will offer you the option of receiving information about pending, approved to pay and finalized claim count information. You can also receive claim-specific status information. The IVR also provides Appeal status when you select Option 7, General information when you select Option 8 and much more. If you are interested in learning more about what the IVR has to offer, visit the NGSMedicare.com web site, and click the Use the IVR System tab in the middle of the homepage. The next time you have an opportunity, we encourage you to take advantage of the benefits of the IVR.

Stay tuned to the National Government Services YouTube channel for more educational opportunities, designed for you..

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Nick Bostrom on Superintelligence and the Future of AI

Nick Bostrom on Superintelligence and the Future of AI

(intense music) – In this century probably, we will be building this hugely consequential thing which is the first general intelligence that will be smarter than humans. (gentle upbeat music) This involves an enormous responsibility. This is like maybe the most important thing that our species will ever have done on this planet. Giving birth to this new level of intellect. (gentle upbeat music) I’m Nick Bostrom, I am a professor at Oxford University where I run the Future of Humanity Institute. With the unusual mandate of trying to think carefully about the really big picture questions for humanity and the future of earth originating intelligent life. (gentle upbeat music) (quirky upbeat music) AI has been a big focus of mine really since my teenage years. It always seemed that if you look around and ask what accounts for why the world is the way it is? Our human world, a lot of it is because we humans have made it so. We have invented all kinds of technologies.

And so all these things whether it’s jet planes or art or political systems have come into the world through the birth canal of the human brain. (rumbling) That immediately made it plausible to me that if you could change that channel creating artificial brains, then you would change the thing that is changing the world. (quirky upbeat music) (intense music) I think we have this notion of what’s smart and what’s dumb. Whereas I think there is actually a huge amount of space above us between our level of intelligence and God’s. And once you go a little bit beyond human, then you get this feedback loop, where the brain’s doing the AI research will become AIs themselves. Therefore I think there is a significant chance that we’ll have an intelligence explosion. (intense music) So that within a short period of time, we go from something that was only moderately affecting the world, to something that completely transforms the world. All the things that we could imagine human intelligence being useful for, which is pretty much everything. Artificial intelligence could be useful for as well if it just became more advanced. Whether it’s like diseases or pollution or poverty we would have vastly better tools for dealing with if you had superintelligence you could help develop better clean energy technologies or medicines.

So it does look to me like all the plausible paths to a really great future, involve the development of machine superintelligence at some point. (intense music) There are I think existential risks connected with the transition to the machine intelligence era. And the most obvious being the possibility of underlying super intelligence that then overrides the earth, human civilization, with its own value structures.

Another big class of failures would be if this technology were used for destructive purposes. Then I think there is a third dimension that has received less attention so far, which is how good the outcome is for the AI stem cells. If we’re going to construct digital minds that are maybe conscious or have moral status of various degrees. Then how can we ensure that they are treated well? If you think about it, most of us would acknowledge that various non-human animals have degrees of moral status. Even something as simple as a humble lab mouse. At that point it becomes an active question of whether we have obligations to the AIs not to just make sure we don’t misuse AIs against one another or protect ourselves from the AI, but also make sure we do what we ought to do with respect to the AIs.

And if we succeed at that and things go well, then we can imagine living lives, way beyond anything that is possible now. This is why there has been so much interest in AI, in recent years because it does look like it could be this fourth ground on which the future depends. So on the one hand it does look from this kind of slightly abstract point of view that we might develop, in the not too distant future greater than human AI and it could change everything.

On the other hand, it seems kind of rather incredible that this world that we’ve known for our whole lives, that, that will be a plausible scenario in which that changes radically in our lifetime. And we become I don’t know some sort of semi-mortal uploaded creatures, with Jupiter sized minds. Like is it I actually take that seriously, like it seems to go against day to day lived experience.

So to keeping both of those in mind, creates this kind of interesting tension, between two different ways of thinking about the world. I think rather than just eliminate one of them, just keep them both there and struggle with that tension. (intense music) – Thanks for watching this episode of Uprising. Please like and subscribe. It really helps us grow our channel and tell more stories about people who are thinking differently, and changing the world. (gentle music)

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Automatic IP phones provisioning, IP PBX Setup tutorial video

Automatic IP phones provisioning, IP PBX Setup tutorial video

Hello and welcome in this video, I’m going to show how to set up is open completely, be existent from scratch to working phones and extensions. We’Re going to do three simple steps step one will be to create or bulk import the extensions step two to modify and set up the form templates, if necessary, in step three using the phone scan mobile app, we’re going to assign the phones to the right templates And extensions we have 3 IP phones here, having Yealink Fanvil Xorcom 3 IP phones, 3 vendors, it can be 3 or it can be 300. The process is the same.

It’S quick, easy and simple. Let’S start. First thing we need to do is to configure our extensions. There are two ways to do that. One is manual we can simply go to PBX extensions extensions and set up the extensions manually. Minimum we’ll have to do is to just type the extension number and a name and that’s it.

The other way is to use import extensions in order to do that. We first go to export extensions, will export the template file and we use it to create a file to import with all the extensions and their information. This is a file I prepared with over 270 extensions with all the details, and we will use this file so I’ll just go to import extensions, select the proper file and hit import. Now the system will create all my extensions. I will see a log confirming it and I have to apply ok, so import was completed successfully.

I can see all the extensions that were created here and devices from hit refresh or apply, and once it’s done, I will be able to see all the extensions in the system. Ok, the one I created manually and 270, I created by import extensions. The second step will be to create, or edit templates templates define the IP phone parameters and they’re found here under settings. Endpoint manager templates for every supported model. There is already a default template ready, so we can use the default template.

We can edit the default template or we can create a whole new template. So for now, let’s just edit one of the default templates for Yealink phone say we add to be a left keys here and update the template. Now we have basically set up a server side. The next step will be to go to the phones and using the phone scan app to assign the phones to an extension and make them use a certain template in order to start working with phone scan.

We need to allow connection from the PBX side in order to do that, we will go to settings, endpoint manager, phone scan and we’ll get this dialog. If we don’t get it, it’s probably because phone scan is not licensed, you need to get a license and apply it. What we see here now is that phone scam is disabled, let’s enable it and two things are happening. One.

We see the QR code here and we have a timer. Basically, this is countdown until the connection shuts down for security reasons, so that we won’t forget it open and the QR code allows us to connect the phone scan up on our mobile phone to the PBX. If we don’t have enough time, we need more time than those 30 minutes.

We just need to hit reset and we get 30 minutes from that point. A next thing we need to do is to get our mobile phone and using the phone scan app scan the QR code, so we’ll go ahead and open the phone scan mobile app and we’re asked to scan the PBX QR code. So we go ahead and scan it right off the screen and, as you can see, we’re connected to this IP address if the PBX will have a name rather than IP address, we’ll see the name here and we are ready to scan the phone.

So, let’s start with the local phone and find the label with a mac ID and just scan it. Okay, we see it’s right Mac ID we’ll hit. Next, we need to select template. You see it already recognizes. The vendor will choose the right model if I scan another one from the same vendor, it will offer me the same vendor by default. Let’S find the device we’ll search actually for the extension. We can also do that and we see dr

Mike extension, 2000 device names also dr. Mike because it was also generated with that name, and we will assigned it and go ahead to the next phone fondly and we’ll go ahead and scan the Mac ID. It next pick the right template and we’ll assign it. To extension, 2001 sign next phone dialing phone and we will assign this one to another extension.

As you may remember, we set up speed back here or be left keys. Rather here it is, and we’re done you don’t want to assign anymore phones. So we confirmed we just shut down the connection. Now we can go ahead and put out the phone’s connect them to the network.

The phones will find the PBX on the network and get the configuration may take a minute or two to boot up and they may reboot again during the process, but in the end I get the configuration we set up as you can see. Now we have the three phones up and running each got their configuration. We have 2000 2001 2002. We have the BLF keys that we set in the template. We manually set it. So let’s try to go ahead and call dr

Mike okay – and we see these phones ringing, We can see, calls we see caller ID everything is up and running. Now you only need to connect a trunk and we have function on PBX, so that was PBX setup in three simple steps: create extensions, modify templates, assign the extension using the mobile app and we’re done. Thank you very much.

Hosted VoIP vs SIP Trunking – How to Choose? #GetVoIP

Hosted VoIP vs SIP Trunking – How to Choose? #GetVoIP

OK Guys… we’ve actually had some good activity happening on Twitter that you can actually follow our Twitter stream …and put your questions up by using the hashtag #GetVoIP We’ve just had a user ask us a question right now …A guy called @Flowroutegeoff has asked “When would you chose Hosted VoIP over SIP [laughter] …and the first thing I will say is OK Eric, explain SIP Trunking in layman’s terms… No problem SIP Trunking is essentially dot dialtone it’s long distance or minutes that’s it With a SIP Trunking you’re not getting any features, you’re not getting any business class features like a virtual receptionist or voicemail Someone who’s providing SIP Trunking is literally like a AT&T or Verizon instead of using copper line which is in a traditional for the last 100 years they’re using a fibre line and some kind of internet signal. That’s SIP …. Hosted means that usually the person is gonna provide not only that dial tone that the calling plan but also features to go along with that.

It’s a complete package, so before we move on what do you think about those two definitions? I think you’re head on right on.. I would say SIP definitley has less offerrings As you mention it’s just the dialtone and the distance, you can use it in many different ways Maybe Michael can share some thoughts on that? With SIP you’re looking for a calling plan. I think it’s more suited for residential users who are looking for a solution cheaper than the traditional service provider, and not looking for all the features of a hosted solution Yep, … the hosted packages are definately far more advanced. Much more extensive offerings… It just depends I mean it varies from provider to provider all across the board right Eric? Yes I know I talk a lot with my hands I kinda feel like that episode of where that guy’s got two cups and the guy’s like “what do I do with my hands” It’s not even apples and oranges… it’s apples and CARS. They’re really, really different So here’s what I see typically I feel that hosted [VoIP] tends to be a better fit for most small and mid-sized businesses So here’s some advantages of hosted and some advantages of SIP Hosted is nice, ’cause it’s a complete package it’s a one stop shop.

That’s always nice if you’re a smaller business and you don’t have an IT staff it can be very valuable to have that outsourced, of course you want to look at the quality of their support. The other nice thing about Hosted it’s very good at working with remote offices or if you just go out to be able to work from home. Not disasters but your kid gets sick your car tires pop and you wanna work from home hosted providers are very good at working with all kinds of Internet in addition to there’s always the features set that are there. I also think a good hosted provider has disaster recovery in mind because if you lose local power, or local Internet their cloud should still be in the cloud. Right? it’s just your office… When I look at Hosted some of the things that I really target are in a 1 to 1000 employees and even one to five… multiple offices especially when you start getting to a thousand employees that’s when the hosted [VoIP] becomes really powerful and because of the distributed workforce and stuff like that and anyone who wants to outsource the IT.

SIP on the other hand I see two really good targets for that one: you’re tech savvy and you just enjoy playing with technology your want to set it up yourself you want to manage it yourself, you don’t mind if it has problems… and you wanna be the one fixes it, there’s a lot of people like that If that’s you that might be an option.

The other way that I see SIP very frequently is in very large company five thousand and above. Or 1000 above in a single location And they don’t have to deal with the distributed work force.They just want a big pipe coming in and they wanna manage everything internally.

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How to setup a VOIP phone – In just two steps!


Hey everybody, how are you guys doing? My name is Sebastian, and in this video I’m going to show you how you can set up an ip-based phone system, for your startup, in just two steps! This is ridiculous! And for demonstration purposes I’m going to use this very affordable IP phone from Yealink, as well as really cool new company that I found online, so let’s have a closer look. But first before I start, let me tell you why I like these IP phone systems so much, first thing I love so much about it, i can get a phone number in every country whenever I need it, and then I can have these calls routed anywhere I want to. So this is the first thing, why I love this so much, second let’s say someone calls the Miami office while I’m in, maybe on a business trip in Germany, if someone calls the Miami number that call can be rerouted instantaneously to my cell phone while I’m waiting in the airport in Germany and third think about how powerful it is to have an automated voice system where people can call in on your numbers that you have globally and you can have a call routing any way you want to and you can setup, set it up really flexible just in the back end, this is really terrific! Now that I’ve shown you why i love the IP phone so much let’s quickly go through the two steps together, first i’m going to show you how you can create a free Sonetel account and second i’m going to show you how you can quickly configure a Yealink IP phone, that’s kinda like enterprise-grade but still very very affordable maybe just around sixty seventy dollars so let’s jump right in and I show you how to create a free account for your IP phone.


And keep in mind that phones like these supports several lines you can easily use it for other providers as well, now I really went online and did some searching for you guys so check this out what I found, I found a company that specifically tailored for entrepreneurs and maybe small business owners and they offer you to sign up for free! How insane is that? How insane is that? And you can get a phone number, if you want to, for as low as eighty-nine cents i mean like this ridiculous and it’s exactly what I did so I’m just going to sign in and i’m going to show you the back end, and I show you the example set up that I just did so you basically just go to sign in, of course you have to set up the free account first, but once you have done that, you just sign into your account, and this will take you to the back end, where you can configure everything, like you can set up a phone number and link it to a user, you can set different users with different extensions and every user you can configure, you can add multiple phones to user, and then it routes it accordingly, for example what I did in my case I’d registered a number in the US and if people call my US number i can have that call rerouted to my cell phone in Germany, or i can have it rerouted to my IP phone, and guys since it is an IP phone, like it’s only needs the internet connection that phone could be located anywhere I wanted to! Heck, I could take this IP phone with me when i travel and just plug it into the internet and the phone is online, like who ridiculous is that? So to summarize you can connect multiple phones to a number and these phones can be located in different locations it could be cellphones, it could be a landline it could be an IP phone, a hard desk phone or a soft phone something that it could be even an app on your iPhone I mean the opportunities like what you can come up with literally endless so don’t be fooled by this simple looking interface and another amazing feature is what they called voice apps where you can configure like for example the main menu and you can configure this main menu anyway you want you can even hire a voiceover artist to do the menu for you I mean like this is really awesome, so let’s jump to the phone and I show you this voice menu, so let me quickly show you, how you can access this voice menu anytime, you just push star 21 and then it will dial welcome if you know the extension of the person you would like to speak to you can enter it now for sales press one for information about our operating hours press two for all other inquiries press three for stay on the line, now check this out, i can program this menu anyway I want to! We are open monday through friday between 9am and 6pm if you know the extension of the person you like…


But you can also do crazy stuff like this for example, what you could do you could just change the language of the menu to chinese, so let’s check this out real quick! Now let’s check this out once more but now with the Chinese menu, again I push star 21 Chinese… Chinese… Chinese… Chinese… And now i can have the phone call me, i just press extension 101 Chinese… And yeah it shows me the incoming call here so that’s it, end the call, but I could have also had routed to my cell phone depending on how it is set, depending on how i have it set up, so this is really amazing, and yeah you can still see this is the missed call from my US number so yeah terrific, now this really goes to show that these phone systems are incredibly flexible so i encourage you to head over to sonetel.com and click the services section, so you can learn more about the details of what you can do with a service like that and I mean it doesn’t have to be the same provider.


I just wanted to illustrate the point here look at these features they offer and yeah like another example for example let’s say you have some someone from your company located in Germany and you want to make a call in the U.S. so the guy in Germany just has an IP phone on his desk and you can just call over to us wait a second to maybe a friend who works at the coworking space somewhere in downtown Jacksonville so check it out guys this is kind of really crazy, and the IP phone systems make it possible I mean you can come up with your own examples like just imagine it and don’t be fooled by this simple interface in the back end, and to set up the IP phone just head over to the help section and go to help topics and look under SIP and then what SIP phones can i connect and bang you will find a list of possible options to how you can connect to their service and i’m using this Yealink phone, and bang a complete tutorial, you just, you just enter it in, here are the config details and it’s literaly that simple, you just log into your phone, your phone has a browser interface and you just put in the data into the browser interface, the way to tell you to and you click confirm and you’re logged into service I mean it couldn’t be easier right? So this concludes my presentation if you have any questions let me know in the comments below and I’ll try to get back to you as fast as I can and yeah if you still need a website for your business make sure to watch my website tutorial as well and i hope you have an awesome terrific day and I hope your startup is going to do extremely well and finally two rounds off and get you excited why don’t you head over to their YouTube page I mean they don’t have that many subscribers and but check out this video that’s called “be a global entrepreneur” that’s a really great video the marketing company that made that video I would hire that marketing company right away and with that I hope you have a great day and like i said if you still need a website for your startup make sure to check out my website building tutorial or download the free eBook as well!


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SIP Internet Calling and VoIP on Galaxy S4

the most awaited internet calling feature has come up with the galaxy s4 now galaxy s4 has a native VIP client once you go to the settings and then my device and click on the call then at the bottom you can see the internet calling feature you can have it for all the calls or only for internet calls or it will have the option to ask for either each call so let us select any of one of the option like ask for every call then we can add the account so first you can select for either to receive incoming calls as well so we add account username and password another sip server then we can also add other optional settings like authenticate user name display name port number other things once it is done it will save your sip account which can be used for calling thanks for watching you.