Most entrepreneurs cannot make up their minds when it comes to choosing the right phone system for their business. Some believe that hiring a full time receptionist is more cost effective than installing a phone system. Others think that getting a local phone system is more efficient than other options. In fact, both have got their own advantages and disadvantages. Are you confused about choosing the right phone system for your office? Then, consider installing a virtual phone system (virtual PBX).

About virtual PBX

Virtual PBX System

Virtual PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a privately owned communication service provider. It helps to install in your business firm a professional phone system. Here are a few steps to help you choose the best virtual PBX system.

Instructions For Choosing Best Virtual PBX System


  • When you buy your PBX system, make sure that you buy it from a service provider who does not demand that you sign a contract. It is also important to make sure that he does not demand additional charges such as cancellation fee, start-up fee and the like.
  • Make sure that the cancel-at-any-time for any reason option is there in your agreement. Similarly, make sure that he does not charge you any penalty for the cancellation. No need to hurry while getting your virtual PBX system. Remember that you are buying your phone system for good. You do not want to change or replace it often. So, always try to get the most advanced one. If you do not find the desired type of phone system in the shop you first visited, visit a few others as well until you come across the best deal. You can always compare various phone systems before purchasing one.
  • Plans vs features. It is always recommended that you compare the plans of each phone system against its features. While some phone systems are ready to offer attractive plans, they do come with good features. Hence, make sure that your phone system has the right balance of attractive plans as well as impressive features.
  • Compare the features and services against the monthly charge and compare the same with other services. Make sure that you enjoy the standard features of a virtual phone system within the minimum rental fee. Standard features such as call recording and customized greetings, two way virtual fax etc should be available for the minimum tariff.

These steps would help you pick an effective virtual phone system for your office.