Moscow authorities do not intend to prohibit the use of mobile devices in schools, because with the right approach gadgets can bring children a favor. This was stated by Deputy head of capital Department of education Alexander Hammers.

“Most importantly, the right use of gadgets in the learning process. How can you ban something that becomes an integral part of life? Just the child needs to learn to use it correctly, it brings him good and not distracting. If the lesson involves the use of gadgets for educational purposes, he uses it not to distract from the occupation”, – quotes the words Molotkova TASS.

Example of the proper use of mobile devices by students, the official said that the project “Moscow e-school” (MES). “Any gadget in the environment of the MES is a tool for communication, entrance to the educational environment, performing certain actions,” explained Hammer.

Recall that the Rospotrebnadzor, Ministry of education, Rosobrnadzor and the Russian Academy of education introduced guidelines for the management of secondary schools, which indicates the need to restrict the use of mobile phones by children and teachers in schools. In particular, the management of schools are encouraged to consider the feasibility of moving phones to silent mode when entering the school, and to limit the use of phones during the learning process and to organize the storage space for mobile phones, agreeing on methods of communication of parents with students in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Project mash was launched in 2016, when the six schools, pupils have started to use instead of textbooks tablets, their diaries became electronic boards in classrooms – interactive. Now to the mash connected 1457 Moscow schools.