I’M sorry I did not wan na into a rant about this, but you have a business being served to your on a platter and you still have to think about it. Why? Hey guys? My name is paul with Sunset Realty and if this is your time time here, please subscribe, so you don’t miss any of our next videos. So what are we talking about? For those of you who don’t know, amazon is offering its employees up to ten thousand dollars to start their own delivery. Business and people have questions about it.

Do you wan na start a business or not? This is a business who this is the business that being served on a platter, and you still have to think about it. This one on what the naysayers are saying: Amazon Amazon is evil up. I’Ve been hearing the same thing over and over about uber and lyft, and you know what I can tell you at least three guys that I know who’s consistently pulling 100 120. Meanwhile, you’re sitting on the sidelines talking about oh they’re, evil, they’re, not paying enough guess what things are changing things are not the same. Amazon is here to stay.

Uber’S you to say so, does lift you know? Is it or you get with it or you get left behind that just the way it is stop listening to the naysayers, do it for yourself, do it for your family? Do it to prove to yourself that you can do it, do it to make your life better, you know always gon na. Be people complaining, don’t worry about it. If that’s what you want, you want it for you, don’t do it by anybody else. Do it for you, let me tell you how over ninety percent of small businesses get funded one you have some money saved, you go for it. Two you go to your family and borrow money. Three, you go to a shark, which means you probably get you to give some equity on your company more likely, 50 or more. You get some money to get started notice. I didn’t say a bank, because no bank will give you money start a new business that has not been proven yet as a small business owner. Let me tell you after you get funded. You know what the hardest part is is to get customers to come to your business first.

The first thing you have to do is to get customer without customers your business die, but now you have Amazon, giving you not only they’re giving you $ 10,000 to to get your business started. Number two. The business is already there they’re giving you the business. You don’t have to go anywhere to look for the business if the business is there, ten thousand to start the business, and on top of that they are paying three months they’re paying three months they’re, paying you three months, salary. So what? What is there to think about? This is an opportunity.

That’S been given to you to start your own business. I don’t understand what people are forcing about. Listen everything that you do in life. You have pros and cons in this case, in my opinion, to pros outweigh the cons. This is business being given to you like somebody’s literally handing you a business with the money to start it with the three months pay and with the clientele you already have the clients and you don’t have to go. Look for the clientele. Oh, my god, and if do it doesn’t work out so what I can promise you lesson that you will learn is priceless.

I didn’t want this to be a rant, but hey I’m passionate about these kind of things. Thank you again for watching guys. Please subscribe! So you don’t miss any of our next videos.