Russia took 11th place in the latest ranking of the stability of the national segments of the Internet, compiled by Qrator Labs. Compared to last year’s rating Russia has risen on two lines.

As writes “Kommersant”, only ranking includes 224 countries. Position in the ranking depends on the proportion of the national segment of the Internet of the country will lose touch with the world when you fail the largest operator. For Russia, this operator is JSC “Rostelecom”, and, according Qrator Labs, a violation in his work will lead to the fact that the relationship will lose 4,74% networking Russian segment of the Internet. The first five places in the ranking occupied Germany, Brazil, UK, Ukraine and Switzerland, where failures have the largest operator will be deprived of a communication from 2.19 percent to 3.35% of the networks.

According to technical Director Qrator Labs Artem Gavrichenkov, increase the stability of the Internet in Russia has contributed to the improvement of relations between market participants, network development in regions with low penetration and growth from a low base. Gavrichenkov added that better and more connected job network in Russia would accelerate the transition to Internet Protocol IPv6, but its penetration in Russia is 3.78%, while in the world, the figure is 27%.

The slow transition to IPv6 in Russia Gavrichenkov explained by the lack of necessary skills and the reluctance of operators to make long-term investments. In turn, the source in the market said that the Internet is now few resources that are available over IPv6, and the bulk of IPv6 traffic accounts for Google, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Among the major Russian companies, this Protocol uses the “Yandex”. Change the situation can transition to IPv6 resources Group, including the social network “Vkontakte” and “Classmates”.