Russian anthropomorphic robot Fedor (FEDOR/ Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research), which returned to Earth on 7 September, after several conducted aboard the ISS days, spoke on behalf of all living in the Land of robots and avatars.

On the page Fedora in Twitter there was a record about the need to create “colonies of robots-avatars” to explore the planets of the Solar system. Robots “ready to give their proposals concerning the technical shape of the future of anthropomorphic systems” that will “ensure the deployment and maintenance of research stations in deep space,” reads the message posted on Wednesday, September 18.

In the message referred to Earth’s natural satellite – the Moon. Meanwhile, the international astronomical Union in 2006, gave the official definition of “planet”, which correspond to the eight celestial bodies in the Solar system – mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. And the Moon this list is not included.

In late August, Fyodor was sent to the International space station (ISS) in the unmanned Russian spacecraft “Soyuz MS-14”. Docked to it succeeded at the second attempt. Fedor is the first Russian humanoid mechanism on the ISS. A few days later “Soyuz MS-14” humanoid robot on Board landed in Kazakhstan.

According to the creators, Android, not suitable for the ISS in the future may be used in areas where manual labor is difficult or dangerous. It is planned to endow it with elements of artificial intelligence and used in deep space exploration, recalls Deutsche Welle.

At the moment the robot Fedor is in RKK “Energy”, it is enabled and working fine. No technical or mechanical problems with him no, told TASS Executive Director of the NGO “Android technology” (developed by robot) Eugene Dudorov.

“The robot is activated, why should he not be included? When he landed, it wanted to include, but most likely, he’s just a dead battery, it’s on one battery worked all the time, and thought he actually passed out. And when he was transferred to RSC Energia, we are all included, all checked, no problems – neither mechanical, nor electronic,” – said Dudorov, adding that now the robot is working normally.

On Twitter, the robot also “commented” their condition.