Russian anthropomorphic robot Fedor (Skybot F-850), which returned to Earth on 7 September, after several conducted aboard the ISS days, no longer go into space. This was stated by Executive Director of the NGO “Android technology” Eugene Dudorov.

“For him there is nothing more to do, a mission he fulfilled”, – quotes the words Dudorova , RIA “Novosti”. He said that instead of Fedor coming robot designed to work in open space. The unsuitability of Fedora for spacewalk Dudorov explained by the presence of the robot legs.

Future robot, created by engineers are already working, Dudorov called Alexey Leonov among the robots, having in mind that Leonov became the first man to enter the open space.

Recall that the robot path Fedora on the ISS turned out to be thorny. The spacecraft “Soyuz MS-14” with a robot on Board was launched into orbit on 22 August, but is scheduled for August 24, the vehicle docking with the ISS is not held due to problems with amplifier system automatic docking “Course” on Board the ISS. In the end, the station crew conducted the operation for the relocation of the spacecraft “Soyuz MS-13” from service module “Zvezda” on small research module “Search”, after which the ship Fedor took the vacant place on August 26.

During the short stay of the robot on the ISS Russian cosmonauts Alexei Ovchinin and Alexander Skvortsov managed to carry out several tests of Fedor, but to turn it on 30 August they succeeded with difficulty. After enabling Fedor had to work by hand with a screwdriver, keys, and docked electrical connectors, reports RIA “Novosti”. On Saturday, Fedor included a drill and rubbed his hands with a towel video with these operations was published in the microblog Fedor. Part of the operations on the ISS, the robot was done under the direction of Alexander Skvortsov, who was dressed in a special exoskeleton. Note that Fedor used a power drill without a drill – perhaps this was done to the hull or docked her ships has not had another hole.

The existence of a humanoid robot was developed by advanced research Foundation, it became known in early October 2016. Then held the post of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin has posted a video demonstrating some of the capabilities of the robot, and announced that he had instructed to adapt the robot to participate in the expedition advanced manned spacecraft.

October 14, 2016 with Fedor in the framework of the International Orthodox student forum has met Patriarch Cyril. It was reported that the robot and the head of the ROC stared at each other, then Fedor “suddenly raised his hands up to the heavens, and then handed the head of the Church erected a metal hand.” The Patriarch, did not expect such mechanically stretched to answer, but caught himself and lowered them again on a staff.

In February 2019, it was reported that foreign companies refused to supply components to the robot Fedor after the audience demonstrated the ability of the robot to shoot a pistol.