Representatives of the Navy of the USA for the first time confirmed that the video of an unidentified flying object made in 2015, one of the pilots who is genuine. The Pentagon said that so far can not determine the nature imprinted on the frame of the phenomenon.

We are talking about a two-minute video called “Go Fast”, which was published on the website TTSA in March 2018, a group of researchers To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science and The New York Times. Besides him, there are two similar video recordings allegedly declassified by the Pentagon in August 2017.

“Navy describes the objects depicted on these videos as unidentified aerial phenomenon,” said Joseph Gradisher, press Secretary of the head of intelligence of the U.S. Navy Matthew Kohler.

In an interview with The Black Vault, dedicated declassified declassified us government documents on UFOs, of Gradisher said that the military uses the term “unidentified aerial phenomenon”, “because this is the basic description of visual contacts/observations of unauthorized/unidentified aircraft/object, fixed at the entrance/work in the airspace of the various military sites, under the control of the army.”

As noted by the Russian service of the BBC, these words do not mean that published footage was shown the flying saucer or any other aircraft of extraterrestrial origin. Nor does it mean that the Navy considers the object as such.

It is only a recognition that the forces of the US Navy failed to identify the captured aerial phenomenon, and it fell into the category of unidentified.

In the video, in question, the pilot carrier-based fighter-bomber F/A-18 Hornet, which was at the height of 7,5 thousand meters off the East coast of the US is possible only with the third attempt to catch fast moving object and lock on it camera multi-sensor electro-optical sighting system, AN/ASQ – 228. Then heard the conversation between the pilots:
– Wow! Caught!
– What is this crap?!
– Wow! What is it? Look how it flies!

Activists To The Stars Academy pay attention to the fact that the unidentified object does not have a plume of exhaust gases and can’t see the wings, although at this distance they must be visible, even if it was a cruise missile.

The exact date and location, as well as some additional information were deleted by the source that provided all three videos in To The Stars Academy insist that it was the Pentagon.

However, the press Secretary of the head of naval intelligence denied this information and stated that in fact none of the three videos have not been declassified and were not intended for public viewing.

Earlier, representatives of the U.S. Department of defense already has made similar statements.

A few months ago in response to a request by The Black Vault press Secretary of the Pentagon Susan Goh said: “the Ministry of defense has never released those videos, and they are still classified.”

Activists To The Stars Academy did not comment on or refute the official position of the Ministry.

This is another similar video, shot in 2004 and released by the Pentagon in 2017.