In the popular series “Rick and Morty” has duplicate element “inter-Dimensional TV“. This is a special prefix to the TV, where the characters have access to various television channels in all parallel universes. As this device, unfortunately, does not exist, but the Internet allows us to observe something very similar.

If we analyze the “information noise”, it is possible to see our world with new perspective. And (most likely) it will seem unfamiliar, unpredictable and even a little alien.

Describe how to implement it.

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Nobody needs video

Every minute YouTube users upload more than 500 hours video content, so the algorithms Recommender systems service aims to show the viewer only what he should like. Because of this, it is possible to observe a situation where one-third of all video on the site is less than ten hits. This is a huge archive of clips that were recorded with no claims to professionalism, mainly for themselves or relatives. It’s the life of ordinary people without color correction and editing.

But the most interesting thing here is that to view these videos, there are special services that allow you to stream videos from a small number of views. [GitHub]. This web app analyzes fresh download titles that have standard names that are specified by smart phone or camera. Usually they start with IMG or DSC and end sequence number of the file. It is logical to assume that the video title which the owner did not bother to change, not intended for a broad audience and will not be popular with millions of viewers on YouTube. To try yourself in the role of the researcher these movies is quite easy — only requires pressing the “GO” button. Further every few seconds the player will automatically switch from one clip to another.

It should be noted that service there are alternatives. French site PetitTubeworking on other algorithm, is not limited to a new video with standard names. It is possible to see nobody wants ads, videos, MRI, and other strange content. It may seem strange, but such videos (as a phenomenon) have a dedicated audience. Small but alive community IMGXXXX on Reddit is dedicated to finding and discussing such content.

The Reddit community DeepIntoYouTube is another source of similar rollers, but there are rarely any video that can be found on the “Astronaut”. Instead, the focus of the subreddit — Amateur content which, for various reasons, “not fired”. There you can find videos in which the man in the mask records the Shrek – themed ASMR, there is still a large number of absurd Comedy commercials and not without a strange custom vlahov.

Ctrl+Shift+Face. A few years ago the content here published, would have been impossible — but he is now perceived as something strange. This — deepfake video in which the faces of comedians, actors and other famous people replace the faces of the other. Of course, such content is much more popular than the ridiculous commercials. On the channel you can see something like “alternate reality” in which the main role in “the Shining,” Kubrick got Jim Carrey, and “Bohemian Rhapsody” appeared personally, Freddie mercury.

It may seem strange, but this YouTube video contains their own URL. How is this possible? If you believe the Creator of this video, the answer is — it was uploaded from the future.

But in practice, there are waysthrough which you can “reserve” the ID for your video before you download them. But despite the explanation, this web anomaly seems to be something supernatural. Similar manipulations can be done with Twitter — and create a recursive tweetcontaining its own address. The algorithm, which allows to predict the address to download content, was first published in 2009. It is worth noting an experiment with GIF animation that contains its own hash.

The music that nobody listens to

Service Forgotify PetitTube resembles the above, but instead of YouTube videos he finds songs on Spotify that almost no one listened. This — the fifth part from all uploaded to the site: from forgotten artists from the 60’s to the rappers that are “not this”, or just the tracks, which must have left even those who took part in their recording.

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Go back to where we started. In the information noise that surrounds us in the social.networks and global video services, we orientirueshsya with the algorithms. They shield us from the vast majority of the content, which — according to them — cannot be called “quality”.

But it turns out that around even the most rare and useless things like display unpopular results search results are thematic groups and even special services like the ones that we have told you above. If you would like to share their findings on the topic, we will be glad to see them and discuss in the comments to this material.

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