The state Corporation “Roskosmos” may return a firearm to the equipment of the astronauts on the new manned transport spacecraft “eagle” (formerly known as “Federation”), which will replace the manned spacecraft “Soyuz” and cargo spacecraft “Progress”.

“The formation of the composition carry emergency supplies to the manned transport vehicle of new generation will be at a later stage of its creation”, said Roscosmos, noting that the possibility of returning firearms in the emergency reserve is seen.

The first flight of astronauts on the ship “eagle” is planned for 2025. One of the purposes of the new ship is the exploration of the moon and landing on it. Thus, during the flight to Earth’s satellite the astronauts will be a weapon, just in case.

Now the emergency stock of the astronauts gun. Since the flight of Yuri Gagarin cosmonauts were given in flight of the Makarov pistol. Due to the emergency landing Alexei Leonov and Pavel Belyaev in 1965, when two days had to live in snow-covered taiga, it was decided to add a set of special triple gun. TP-82 was created by the Tula gunsmiths at the request of the Leonov. It was intended for protection from dangerous animals, hunting and trigger flares. The astronauts took it on a flight from 1986 to 2006.

Since 2007, the gun ceased to use it – ended expiration dates of special ammunition, and the production line for the manufacture of new by the time it was closed. Moreover, in the late 2000’s had some legal difficulties with the procedure of delivery of firearms on Baikonur, located in Kazakhstan.

Now the emergency stock of “Union” includes radio and first aid kit, waterproof matches, sewing supplies, inflatable raft set fishing gear, flashlight, whistles, machetes, six liters of water and six sets of food for three people, heatproof suit for each crew member, as well as wetsuit “Trout” to keep a person afloat in case of splashdown.