On the YouTube channel of Boston Dynamics September 24 published a video demonstrating the new features the company developed a bipedal robot, Atlas.

In this video, the robot first gets on his hands and then performs a few somersaults and jumping jacks and then gets into the pose completed the performance of the gymnast.

“Atlas uses all of her body (legs, arms and torso) to perform a sequence of maneuvers, forming the gymnastics program. We have developed these exercises using new methods that simplify the process of their creation,” reads the video’s description. The company said that new approaches have allowed to reduce development time algorithms for the robot and also improve the success rate of the robot given exercises to 80%.

This is not the first demonstration of acrobatic stunts available to the robot Atlas. So, last year the developers of the Atlas robot was taught some techniques of parkour. In the video the robot to run and jump over lying under the feet of the log, and then in three strides was up on the step design.

In 2017, the creators of the Atlas showed an even more spectacular moviein which the robot did a somersault, and in 2016, two-legged robot was taught to move indoors and over rough terrain, carry loads, and stand up in case of a fall.