The state Duma on 25 September adopted in the first reading amendments to the laws on communication about operatively-search activity, which should simplify data access geolocation devices people missing.

Approved by deputies, the bill requires operators to provide data about mobile location of the subscriber without a court order. Reasoned decision of the head of the internal Affairs will be sufficient to obtain information about the location of the device, says TJ.

As stated in the explanatory Memorandum to the bill, in Russia, according to the interior Ministry, annually lost about 120 thousand people, including almost 45 thousand children. Wanted thus declared about 60 thousand people. While about 90% of the missing at the time of disappearance have a mobile phone that remains switched on in the first days since the beginning of the search, but to make a call on number 112 in remote locations of the missing person can not because of a lack of coverage of the network connection.

“Minors, older persons represent the most vulnerable group among the wanted persons, because, often, cannot properly ask for help. In such situations, the time for search is important because it is a significant risk of hypothermia or the occurrence of other adverse effects. The success of the search for missing persons depends on the timeliness of accepted quickly-search measures. Efficient way to implement search operations is to use information about the location of subscribers of mobile telephone communications, including up to the moment he left without communication”, – the authors of the bill.

We will remind, earlier the state Duma has adopted amendments that simplified the search for missing children using data from their mobile devices. In the case of a missing child to his parents (or one of them, or legal representatives) can contact the police with a written statement, and those within 24 hours should start looking for, including with the use of geolocation data in mobile devices of the child.