The Federal trade Commission (FTC), the United States filed in the district court of Dallas a lawsuit against the company Match Group, which owns several dozen Dating services, including Tinder. In this lawsuit, the regulator accused the company of using fake accounts to encourage hundreds of thousands of users to purchase a paid subscription.

According to the newspaper “Kommersant”, the charges relate to use of fake accounts on the website The FTC claims are related to the fact that users are free to start an account, browse other people’s profiles and like your favourite. But to send messages to other users will need to buy a subscription. If the user receives a notification message, read the message, he can only after switching to the paid version, what are scammers.

The lawsuit alleges that from 2013 to mid-2018 at least 25-30% of the accounts on were either fake or created for the purpose of fraud, and in some months more than half of the posts and likes were spread accounts, which Respondent marked as “fraudulent.”

As suggested in the FTC guide Match Group knew about the situation, but did not warn ordinary users that were spent on the subscription, and only later learned that the sender has blocked the service. The lawsuit States that from such actions of the service affected hundreds of thousands of users. In addition, the company was accused that she was introduced to mislead users, promising a free premium account for six months, but without specifying the terms of the offer. Also in the FTC believe that the company has deliberately complicated the procedure for cancellation of paid subscription.

Representatives of the Match Group called the FTC complaint “outrageous”. The company stressed that removes 96% of fake accounts within days from the moment of their registration. However, investors are not convinced these explanations – at the auction of the company’s shares fell in price by 8.5%.