Social network “Vkontakte” have signed the anti-piracy Memorandum with major book publishers, which provides for the suppression of the location of the users of illegal copies of books online.

This agreement is for a year, and control system for pirated content should start operating next week. According to the newspaper “Vedomosti”, the participants of the agreement – the publishing house “Eksmo”, AST, “ABC-Atticus”, “Alpina publisher”, “Audiobook”, Internet store “Litres”, and the Association for the protection of rights on the Internet (ISAPI).

In recent years, “Vkontakte” regularly responds to complaints from publishers and removes files from the pirated copies of books and links to them. But the number of such cases in the tens of thousands a year, and it’s actually a huge amount of manual work for publishers. In addition, some of the links and files are published in closed groups, making them difficult to search.

Therefore, the Memorandum all this work automatiseret and will enter pre-moderation files with books. To identify among user-uploaded pirated copies of the content shall be a Copyright Check, compare the posted text with a database provided by rights holders. For comparison of the texts will be used base the largest online store of books “Litres”, and for comparison audiobooks – service Biblio.

The struggle with the placement in the Internet of pirated content has unfolded in Russia since 2013, when entered into force the anti-piracy lawallowing to quickly block sites with pirated content. And in 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin approved amendments to the law that has no analogues in the world. They let life blocking of sites with pirated content. One of the first victims of this law became popular torrent tracker Rutracker.orgthat closed it for publishing pirated books.