In Lincoln County in the South American state of Nevada sent 150 police, 300 doctors, FBI agents, and army alerted. In this district an area of 27 thousand square kilometers usually are only 26 police officers, but the 20 September local and Federal authorities of US there waiting for at least a humanitarian catastrophe, and the high casualties during the assault a secret U.S. military base known all over the world by the code name “Area 51”. It was there, according to the belief of many, were or are the secret research of intelligent beings that fall to Earth from space.

And it all started with a joke online…

In the towns of Rachel and Haiku in Lincoln County that is located near a top secret air force base, home to just 173. Around – endless dismal semi-dusty roads.

On the night of 27 June 2019 20-year-old California student Matty Roberts for fun via Facebook asked everyone together to storm “Area 51” because no system of protection will not be able to stop the crowd. In his post he wrote that, breaking into the base, all you can see for yourself on the samples of alien technology and maybe even aliens themselves.

After a few days his call to “Take by storm Area 51. They can’t stop all the” viruses began to disperse around the world. At the moment, about 2 million people reported that they intend to take part in the attack on the base on September 20.

The Lincoln County Sheriff Kerry Lee said that if even to these places gets only 1% of those who said Facebook of its intention, the local government simply cannot cope with the influx of people. If you come at least 50 thousand people, the population of Lincoln County where I live only five thousand people per day will increase by 10 times. In the towns of Rachel and Heiko just a few shops and just one hotel. There are no hospitals or emergency services, there is a sufficient number of toilets or petrol stations, and the Internet connection is often non-existent.

Those who are still coming, I warn you that the entry into the territory of the base will be detained and fined in the amount of up to $ 2,000.

And in the US army warned about the other. The press-Secretary of the air force Laura of Macandrews said the BBCthat any attempt to illegally enter a military facility or a landfill life-threatening. Thus, while trying to storm a military base does not exclude human sacrifice.

Immediately after the joke Matty Roberts acquired viral spread, it visited the FBI agents to find out his intentions. The student was able to convince the detectives that collects bombs, and did not do anything wrong. But begun by that time already out of control. The army seriously considered the possibility of potentially dangerous developments.

In the Lincoln area was promptly prepared a transition plan for a state of emergency.

Several attempts of unauthorized access to “Area 51” was foiled the day before. Two citizens of the Netherlands – a video blogger and his friend parked the car in 5 km from the base and walked through the security zone, not paying attention to prohibiting signs. The military detained them, and then found in the car of laptops, a camera and a drone. 20-year-old ties of Granser and 21-year-old Govert Sweep was accused of trespassing in a closed military area. According to the court, they were sentenced to a fine of two thousand dollars each and deported from the country, and all their equipment for filming was confiscated.

Running it the student Matty Roberts now convinces everyone that to come to Nevada is not necessary, but what will turn his joke, authorities do not undertake to assume, preparing for the worst.

While “Area 51” stormed in virtual social networks.

“Area 51”

Supporters of various conspiracy theories concerning aliens, visit the area “Area 51” over the years. The base is located near lake Groom lake. It was opened in 1950-e years, for testing of the spy plane Lockheed U-2. And by 1980-th years it became associated with aliens.

Then a physicist Bob Lazar, speaking at a television station in Las Vegas, said on air that he was invited to investigate and try to reproduce the alien technology of the aircraft near the “Area 51”. Immediately after this statement appeared thousands of conspiracy theories.

The military explain that there are developing ultra-modern military technology, but since the base is classified, anyone still not know what exactly is happening there. Suspicions arise.